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Metra Refurbished Passenger Car Spotted on UP-West Line

After reading about how the folks at Metra - in between all of their non-stop fare increases and delays - were refurbishing some of their cars with updates like new seats and cupholders back in January , I had been wondering when I'd come across one of them. Welp, the wait is over.  Last week, on one of my morning commutes on the Union Pacific West line, I boarded and climbed upstairs like I always do.  Only to realize that I was in a refurbished car. Preetay, preetay, preetay nice.  Or at least it is more like what you expect a train car in 2016 to actually look like. Check out the sleek blue seats: There's more, including cupholders!  But, in the seats I was sitting, there weren't any cupholders.   From ABC7's story in January : Most of Metra's passenger cars are feeling the wear and tear of age. A select group of them are being refurbished with a new look and a most-definite new feel. New seats are being installed on 30 Metra passenger cars, giv