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Starry Night Under the Oaks In Wisconsin - January 2020

Thanks to the fine folks who are tuning the Night Sight feature on Google's Pixel devices , I was able to capture this night sky reigning high above this mighty Wisconsin Oak Tree.  You can see some of the stars brightly lit up behind the large and wandering limbs of this old Oak Tree.  I'm certain that I could have gotten an even better photo, but it was cold at night, and I was wearing my house shoes.  So, that meant that I had to get to the edge of the porch and just *aim high*. 

I Have Been Around The World...

In my mind, I kind of combine the seven new wonders of the world and the seven natural wonders of the world .  I think one of my sisters has seen the Northern Lights when she went on a trip to Finland.   And I think my oldest sister has seen the Southern Cross when they went to Polynesia for a trip.  Nat's Dad has been to see the Pyramids.  Me?  I've been inside the Colosseum. But it doesn't have a song like this one written for it (that I know of, at least!) Enjoy a little Stephen Stills.  And dream about seeing the Southern Cross...for the first time. ( pssst...don't tell anyone, but turns out that the Southern Cross isn't a wonder of the world.  Technically. )