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Can Coral Bark Japanese Maples Live In Zone 5?

That right there is the question that I'm trying to find an answer to:  Can a Coral Bark Japanese Maple survive Winter in USDA Growing Zone 5.  And, for me...specifically Zone 5b.   Why am I even wondering that?  Because...of what I saw at the orange big box store recently.  A small, unknown Coral Bark variety Japanese Maple tree in a five gallon container for under $50.  With the 11% rebate that we get in our area, that gets this tree under $45.  See below for the label: History has told me that Home Depot will - on occassion - sell something that isn't fit for our Zone 5B weather.   But, Coral Bark Japanese Maples are a bit of a quandary.  Why?  Because the 'named' Coral Bark maples that have historically been sold at Home Depot are called Sango Kaku Japanese Maples.   I see them every year.  This is what their labels look like below:  with a tree named Sango Kaku". Why do I bring up Sango Kaku?  Because....depending on your source, you'll see different infor