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A Ghost is Born

A Cherry Ghost, that is... Well, I'm pretty tired. Guess who stayed up until midnight and then walked over to Discount Records on LaGrange Road at midnight to buy "A Ghost is Born" by Wilco this morning.... (***points both thumbs at self***) "This Guy". That's right. My brother-in-law Marc (not Camp) gave me a copy of it a few months ago. I have discussions with Marc about basically four things. Music, Sports, Religion, and Howard Stern. Good stuff, right? But he knows my 'anti-rip' stance on MP3's and internet downloads... I am against them because I think you loose so much of the work of art. That concept of the 'album' is starting to get lost. I'm a wax guy, but that's beside the point. Even when we had casettes, there were some choices. "What leads off the second side?" "What ends the first?" Those questions are enough, but there's even more. Album art. Enough said. When you burn a copy you don&