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WWF LJN Jake "The Snake" Roberts MOC

All of the childhood feels with this one.  I've posted other LJN World Wrestling Federation Wrestling Superstars here on the blog.  Here's a Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake one that is mint-on-card, too.  And another of Nikolai Volkoff that my kids now play with as part of their toys. This one is of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and isn't one that I played with as a kid, but do have as an adult.  Weird, right?  This one has French (I think?) on it, so it was sold in Canada, maybe? Off you go to a good home.  While collectors like me have disposable income.  Don't want to become the Model-T of action figures, right?

WWF LJN Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake - MOC

That title is full of a bunch of jargon - when it comes to collecting action figures.  The "MOC" means "Mint on Card" and that's the way I'd describe this WWF Wrestling Superstar Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake.  But, why am I posting this?  Welp, it is because that Brutus, along with a more than dozen of his brethren are down in my basement.  All in boxes and still mint in their packaging/on their cards - unlike the set of wrestlers that I played with like this Nikoli Volkoff that I posted a few years back . There are stories about kids in the early 80's going hog wild on their Star Wars figures from Kenner.  I mean...there's even that documentary series on Netflix all about the toys.  But, I was born in 1978, so I was too young for the early Star Wars stuff.  But, I wasn't too young for the 80's-version of GI Joes.  And I loved them.  But, they aren't my 'toy touchstone' when it comes to my youth.  Nope.  It was thes

Red Grange Mini Replica Statue - Acquired

Back in 2011, I posted here on the blog about how the University of Illinois Athletic Department was rolling out a limited number (just 77 of them.  Get it?  Grange was #77??) mini replica statues of the famous (and massive) Red Grange statue that sits on the west side of Memorial Stadium . But they were $4800.  Wowsa.  Obviously, I passed. Fast forward to this fall and the Athletic Department announced that for Homecoming they were going to give away smaller replica statues to the first 5000 fans who entered Memorial Stadium for the game against the Minnesota Gophers.   We weren't heading to Homecoming, so I figured I would have to hop on Ebay to find one of these to sit on my desk.  Welp, the first few weeks after the giveaway, there were a few statues popping up on Ebay, but the auctions were driving the prices pretty high (at least for me!) and I just stayed on the sidelines.   But, I kept 'watching' auctions and I finally found one that looked like

Vinylmations: Not *Another* Collection, Right?

These guys above are called Vinylmation s.  They're a collectible series of things that Disney sells both in the stores and at the parks that you buy 'blind'.  You buy one from a series, but you aren't sure which one you'll get. And...they're HUGE in parts of the web.  There are literally thousands of 'blind box' unboxing videos of these things on YouTube .  We now have three of them.  The two on the ends are from Toy Story and the guy in the middle is from Sleeping Beauty (I think). They aren't cheap but people seem to be glomming on to these things in a big way.  So far, the Babe and the Bird, not to mention the Champ (the newest Parrillo!) are into these just yet.  They like the pins (more on that soon) and the Bird is all over Shopkins (which is basically the same thing but not Disney and cheaper), so as long as I don't cave when we go to the DStore, we'll be free and clear of these things.  But...that is a big 'as long as'