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New Project: Holiday Weekend Wedding

If you haven't been able to pick this up by now, I'm not one to hold back my opinion on some things.  Nat insists that I think that the entire world should think just the way I think on some things.  And, I guess that's true.  I do, often, wish that the world thought the way I did on a bunch of topics.  But, I'm not sitting by and leaving it up to luck that people will come around on some topics.   If you've followed along at all over the years, you know I have an opinion on when it is acceptable to listen to Christmas music .  And I tried to do something about skunks in Elmhurst .   Today, I'm excited to release my latest web project.  The wedding industry is chock'd full of advice sites.  How-to guides.  Tip sheets.  Consultants.  In fact, my wife Natalie was an award-winning member of the industry for a bit.  My project is aimed at the wedding industry. It is an advice website called " Holiday Weekend Wedding ".  The goal

Still Not The Time For Christmas Music

With the calendar turning to July, it is natural to start thinking about Christmas, right?  Wait...what's that you say?  It's not time to start thinking about Christmas? Well...July is the 7th month of the year, so that means we're officially more than half-way to Christmas. was time to do a little maintenance on my little Christmas project site that I launched last year. I went ahead and upgraded the countdown clock over on the "Can I Listen to Christmas Music?" project site .  It is now a separate object that I grabbed from this T ickCounter site .  It is a responsive embedded object, so it flows big and small depending on the device you're on. I've pasted it below in this post, but if you want to stay up-to-date on all things Christmas Music and when the time is right to listen, you can go over there and subscribe for email updates.  Seriously...go do that.  This way, you won't be caught with a Bing Crosby-related faux pas come Octob

An Update to the Question About Christmas Music...

Earlier this month, I posted the little project I created about listening to Christmas music .  Well...good news for *some* of you:   there's an update .  Thanksgiving week is here, so rejoice fellow Christmas music people:  You no longer have to feel shame. Go ahead.  Play the Bing.  Feel no shame.

Can I Listen to Christmas Music?

Ah....the question as old as time... When, exactly, is it appropriate to put on Christmas music? To try to help solve the dilemma, I've put up a new project: . There, you'll discover the answer to the question:  " Can I listen to Christmas music ?"  Trust me...this is *the* official answer to whether it is socially acceptable to have holiday tunes playing on any given day. I'm working on some tweaks, so check in once in a while to make sure you're getting the right advice.

The Things You Find on Craigslist

We were trolling Craigslist for a new Maclaren stroller after ours broke today when we found this Creep in the 'baby & kid stuff' section.   In between a post selling a collection of legos and a post listing board games. Just a friendly reminder: Be careful out there on the internets, guys.