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New Direction

I have some interesting news for everyone out there. Recently, I've been approached by some of the leading government figures to help assist in their web presence. After some deliberation and talking with Tom Cross and a few others, I've decided to participate. My participation will be limited as I'm just consulting, but I'm looking foward to getting something off the ground. Having worked on Illinois Scoop for a while and been involved in blogs in Illinois, I've agreed to take on  IowaScoop and lead the dialogue for Governor Rod Blagojevich in the early state of Iowa. I know you guys are saying 2 things: 1. he's going to lose in November, so why is he concerned about running for president? and 2. Why Rod? Why a democrat. Good questions. If there's a chance to do something as cool as this for a presidential candidate--any presidential candidate, I have to jump at it. Sure...Rod might not win. But with $15M in the bank, I know I won't have to worry