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Cascade Hops Vine Full of Fruit - September 2023

I planted a 1# Cascade Hops Vine in early Summer 2021 that I bought at The Growing Place (Aurora Location).  At that time, the plant was pretty mature; based on the bulging, root-bound container.  So, it wasn't a surprise that I saw hops (fruits) that first season .   Then, in year two (2022), I was surprised to see that the very same vine that fruited so easily produce no hops in the following year.  Here's the vine a year ago - with no hops on it anywhere.  This year, we're back in the hops-producing mode as the vine has some larger, mature hops and some tiny, small ones.  Before I show the hops, let's talk about the vine.  I created a wire (attached to the fence) trellis a few years back , but I believe that hops vines want to REALLY CLIMB.  This goes to six-feet-tall and appears to have been cut-back at the top.  My hunch is that I didn't manage the vine enough and it started to climb over the fence and the neighbor trimmed it back.  The vine is also climbing