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King of Clubs - Mars Cheese Castle - August 2022

Ah, yes.  The King of Clubs cold pack cheese.  We meet once again.  Do you like Merkt's?  Then, you'll fall head-over-heels for King of Clubs.  It is - for me - the best of the cold pack cheeses on the market.  I first posted about it in 2017 and have made a trip to the Mars Cheese Castle on the regular ever since.  King of Clubs is the house spread of the Mars Cheese Castle and comes in 2#  and 5# pails .  Yeah...pails.  ( least that's what I call them.  They're technically called 'tubs' on the Mars site, but if you're buying five pounds of cold pack cheese spread, then that's coming in a pail. ) There's no shrinkflation going on with the King of Clubs.  16 ounces is still 16 ounces.   If you find yourself stopping at the Mars Cheese Castle on your way up to Wisconsin (and...let's be're going to stop, right?), grab a one pounder of the King of Clubs Sharp Cheddar.  Even if it isn't your thing, your Dad will love it.

Kraemer Cold Pack Cheese - Club Cheese - Summer 2020

It has been a while since I covered a new Wisconsin club cheese - with the last one being back in 2018 .  That club cheese was from the Cheese Box in Lake Geneva ; which we haven't been back to as they're taking the pandemic pretty seriously and are only doing curbside.  In terms of my favorite(s), the King of Clubs from Mars takes the top slot .  I found the Bucky Badger stuff to be right up, there, too. They both are smooth and spreadable.  Just like my gateway drug: Merkts. This post is about Kraemer Cold Pack Cheese that Nat picked up at a roadside stand.  I think she was there buying corn and saw this and grabbed a container of it - because...well...she's the best. I opened it up and it was a little bit 'crumbly'.  Kinda like the Glas natural cold pack cheese - that stuff is very crumbly.   But, I liked this Kraemer Cold Pack Cheese Food more than Glas.  Kinda funny that they call it a "Cold Pack Cheese Food" - not just simply "Cold Pa

Mr Baseball's Famous Franks - Bob Uecker Hot Dogs from Usinger's in Wisconsin

When we used to go to Michigan, we tried to incorporate Michigan-based foodstuffs into our rotation like this local Michigan beet sugar , local potato chips and these Koegel's hot dogs from (wait for it....Flint, Michigan).  Since we transitioned to Wisconsin, we've done some of the same - and I've chronicled both on-going and one-off Wisconsin foodstuffs like this local root beer , various cheeses ,  New Glarus beer and...of course... the King of Clubs cold pack club cheese .  There's a new entrant from the Usinger's Sausage company:  Mr. Baseball's Famous Franks Beef Frankfurters.  That's Bob Uecker for those non-sports folks (or...really....non Sports-movies people as my introduction to Bob Uecker was as Harry Doyle in the Major League Movie s and that Miller Lite Beer commercial - "must be in the front row! ").  He does the radio call for the Milwaukee Brewers , so it is a natural to see him involved in hot dogs, right?  Hot dogs and b