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Feeding Ginkgo Trees With Lime - November 2023

Posting this a little bit late, but I checked-off a new (to me) seasonal activity:  feeding our ginkgos with lime.   I had a bag of Organic Garden Lime from Espoma that (on the bag) bills itself as being able to change color of Hydrangea blooms - "Turns Hydrangeas Pink".    I took the bag and sprinkled a heavy hand at the base of the Spring Grove Ginkgos on either side of our stoop.  I also fed the Saratoga Ginkgo in the front yard , the Ginkgo tree that arrived cracked-in-half that I planted in the backyard and the same variety that the online nursery sent as a replacement that is IB2DWs extended (now in the conifer garden).   5 Ginkgo trees, two of which are dwarfs - all (according to this post from Mr. Maple) want alkaline soil : One great tip with Ginkgo that is different from a lot of other trees is that Ginkgo love a more alkaline soil, so by giving them lime when you're planting them and lime throughout the season, you help this plant get established and take up