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Shredded Umbrella Plant - Back for First Spring 2024

Tucked into the little cluster of epimedium (Amber Queen and Spine Tingler) were a pair of Shredded Umbrella plants that I picked up at Northwind Perennial Farm last Summer .  I was influenced by a YouTube video and brought them home without much thought.  The scientific name of these Shredded Umbrella plants is Synelesis aconitifolia  and they're prized for their upright foliage that resembles - as you might have guessed - a 'shredded umbrella' in the garden.  You can see the pair of these interplanted in the photo below:  These didn't last long in their first season in the garden - going dormant well before anything else - so I'm somewhat surprised that they came back for their first Spring.   I figured that I didn't give them enough water and the summer heat took them before they could establish themselves.  Perhaps that's their foliage cycle?  Dying back by late Summer?  I'll be watching this year to see how they do - with hopes they multiply/coloniz

Wider View of Epimedium Colony and Shredded Umbrella Plant - February 2024

Yesterday, I posted an update about the trio of Spine Tingler Epimedium that are planted near the large Catalpa tree in our backyard .  Those three are planted amongst some of the other Epimedium (Amber Queen) that we have had planted for a number of years. At one time, I had five (5) Amber Queen Barrenwort/Epimedium - Here's a look in May 2021, when I planted two new ones to bring the total to five .   By the time I planted the Spine Tinglers last May (2023), there were just four Amber Queens left.   And that's what we're looking at today:  Four Amber Queen Epimedium and Three Spine Tingler Epimedium.   Below is a wider view of this colony showing all eight plants: I've amended some parts of the front and back beds with biosolids last Fall.  Looking at this section, I'm thinking that these could use a slow-release feeding via some biosolid topdressing and/or mulch. I didn't manage to post about these, but I also added a pair of Shredded Umbrella Plants in among