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ICS/CIS Commercial Refrigeration Logo

I was at one of the Middle Schools for a ballet recital for the Babe this month and when I was wondering around outside (walking the Bambino in his stroller), I came across this exterior walk-in refrigerator with this ICS or CIS seal on the door.  A quick search for both of those + refrigeration + Chicago turns up nothing, so either they've changed their name or I have something wrong.  (Which...totally is the likely case!) I was struck by the seal/logo.  So much so, that I had to document it here on the blog.  Felt like an artifact from a time not too long ago, but something that wouldn't be put on a new product today.  And that's too bad.  I'm no designer, but this evokes a timeless feel.   Something that has been around a long time and something that will stand the test-of-time. Anyone familiar with the logo?  What's the company behind it?

Egg Harbor Dumps The Rooster - Goes With The Egg?

As seen on the 'to-go' cup I was given at Egg Harbor recently is this new slimmed-down/modernish logo and font setup featuring an egg and a reflection of the egg.  Are the Rooster's days numbered in terms of serving as the icon/symbol of Egg Harbor Cafe?  Perish the thought. We *love* Egg Harbor.  Our family of five goes there just about every week for breakfast and the kids love everything about the dining experience - even though they got rid of the little rubber ducks!

Marshall Field's Christmas Windows Being Built Out

One of the benefits of walking straight down Randolph Street from Olgivie to Aon most mornings is that I get to see all sorts of transformations.  The planter boxes outside of City Hall are especially nice.  But, as this is my first winter doing this walk, this is the first time I've been able to see the famous windows at Marshall Field's Macy's undergo their transformation.     With Halloween going down this week, I have a feeling we'll see them come out from hiding as early as next week.

Elmhurst Park District's Touch-a-Truck 2013

Over the weekend, we took both girls out to Berens Park for the Elmhurst Park District's annual "Touch-a-Truck" program.  The weather was awesome, the crowds weren't too huge (once the helicopter arrived!) and we had a ton of fun. Touch-a-Truck is a really neat program that the Park District pulls together.  They bring out their own equipment (see the tractor above), but also work with community partners to bring out all the cool stuff.  Fire Trucks, Police Cars, Moving Trucks, Jewel Refrigerated Trucks, and even...a helicopter.  Yep!  A medical helicopter. As soon as it landed in one of the baseball fields, the lines for all the other trucks got cut in half, so we quickly boarded a bunch of them then made our way to the helicopter area and waited in line. At the end?  We even got the Babe on the chopper!  Pretty cool stuff.  Good job, Elmhurst Park District!

Vintage Beastie Boys/Run DMC Show Poster

Over the weekend, we went to Five Star Bar on Chicago and while we were hanging out in the back room/pool room, I saw this poster on the wall for a Run DMC/Beastie Boys gig at the Rosemont Horizon. Cold getting busy!

Google 'Good To Know' Ads

If you opened up that copy of the Chicago Tribune that landed on your driveway this morning you likely saw the big ad from the good folks at Google touting the new program called:   Good to Know .  Here's how it looks in print: You'll be seeing similar ads in the paper AND around town for the next few weeks that include tips that are consistent with Google's commitment to keep users safe online.   Keep an eye out for the ads at your bus stop and other outdoor places. Think of it as an education program for everyone on why things happen on the internet and what to watch out for in terms of bad guys. I'm proud of Google for going rolling this out.  Good for users.  Good for Google. *disclaimer:  You guys know that I work at Google, right?  I didn't work on this campaign, though.