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Easter Haul 2011: Tartine Bread Book, etc

Look what the Easter Bunny brought me:  Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson the owner of Tartine Bakery in San Francisco .  My brother-in-law has the caught the bread bug (more than I have) and has tried (at least) one of the recipes from this place and said it was spectacular.  Can't wait to wake the starter later this week and give some of these a shot. Of course, I couldn't help myself and I immediately thumbed to the index and looked up the "p's".  Found a few listings for pizza.  Interesting that he kind of mocks the pizza craze and that it seems his dough recipe for pizza skins is just his country bread recipe. Of course, I loved everything I got (more haul posts later), but I have to note: the most thoughtful gift the Easter Bunny gave me was a set of paint brushes and paints as well as a notebook.  We were just talking the other week about painting and how I enjoyed it back in my early 20's.  She was paying attention - as great friends do!

Sourdough Starter: Day Two

Looks like we might have something, here!  After feeding the starter some flour and water, I'm seeing some bubbles. This *should* double in size in the next day.  After a bit of thin-ing (dumping of some of it to remove acidity) and feeding, we should be on our way to the finest breads and pizza skins in the land! Sourdough Starter:  Day One