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Our Very Own Tiny Jingle Cruise - December 2021

We have this tiny, plastic replica of a Jungle Cruise boat that a special Dole Whip was served to us in on a trip to Disneyland in our living room.  And, I didn't want to get too far away from Christmas before I forget to post a photo of what Nat did to convert it to a Jingle Cruise boat.  She applied a little sign that is perfect for us (name blurred out) and is a nice touch for Christmastime.  IYKYK.  I suppose this is a bigtime #DisneyAdult post.  I'm embracing it. 

Dole Whips At Nando's Peri Peri in Oak Brook

What the what?  Come for the chicken, stay for the unlimited Dole Whips.  That's the motto of the chicken place that is part of the chain that seems to have sprung up overnight with locations all over the place.  I've been to two locations in the loop and neither had this Dole Whip machine, but Nat sniffed it out in the newish food court/food hall that Oak Brook built upstairs in the mall by the new theatre.  I've written about Dole Whips before.  There's the time that I compared the sight of a set of Dole Whips at the Polynesian to the time when Rudy's Dad first laid eyes on Notre Dame Stadium .   Then there was the time when a guy who runs a Yogurt store in Glen Ellyn reached out to tell us that they were carrying Dole Whips .  They have one of those fancy customizable Coke machines with dozens of drinks and flavors but after poking around on the machine, I think I figured out that they don't have any pineapple juice or pineapple flavored sodas like Fa

Dole Whip? Three Dole Whips!

There are a few movies that are tear-jerkers for me.  I matter how many times I watch them, they turn on the water works.  When Tom Hanks is torn up about executing John Coffey but can't bring himself to say those words.  Or just about any part involving Rudy's dad in the movie Rudy.  But, in particular this scene. Every.time.  The music, the build-up.  The whole thing between Rudy and his Dad and brother. That line. "This is the most beautiful sight deez eyes have ever seen." That was going to be the caption for this photo below.  But that's ridiculous, right?  Or maybe not.  Those of you who are in the know, might agree with Rudy's Dad.  Especially because they're floats.

'The Birds Sing' By Shag (Josh Agle)

I came across this print from Shag ( Josh Agle ) at Boutiki and it caught my attention because it reminds me of this Tiki Room one by Joey Chou that we picked up last year .  This one (above) doesn't have the Dole Whip reference, but is still pretty cute. The back reads: "On hot summer days, Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room offers a magical, cooling, and calming oasis for the Disneyland guest.  Unchanged since 1963, the Tiki Room still gets kids to squeal in delight and adults to relive their childhood."

Dole Whips In Glen Ellyn?

Brace yourself folks.   There are Dole Whips to be had in Glen Ellyn.  At a place called Skinny Sweet Frozen Yogurt . Don't know what a Dole Whip is?  Well...that's too bad for you.  But, if you've been to Disney World, you likely know what a Dole Whip is and like me, you probably can't wait to get another one.   Well...there's good news if you live out in the Western Suburbs.  This guy dropped me a line yesterday to share the good news. Hey Jake,   I stumbled across your blog, I am reading back and have really enjoyed it.  I also live in Elmhurst, and own 3 yogurt shops (skinnysweet) and I see you're Disney obsessed - we are currently running Dole Pineapple Whip in our Glen Ellyn store, which Disnerds go crazy for.   Take care,   XXXXX Here's the quandary I'm in:  we have a Disney trip planned for this Spring.  Do I hold out and go for the original at the park and NOT spoil myself?  Or, should we make a family outing over to Skinny S