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Holy Moly! Model Train Shop In the Old LaudryMat Spot

Photo via Facebook.  Original here .   Via the Frankfort Station comes this news that there's a Lionel O Gauge Hobby Shop called Choo Choo Works that has sprung up in Frankfort.  That's cool and all.  But it is in the location of a place that was a big part of my childhood:  the (as I called it) Laundrymat.  More photos here on Facebook via this guy and this guy who I believe are involved/own in the shop (and the custom car shop next door). This is a weird collision of concepts and places that brings a HUGE smile to my face.  My Dad is smiling too, I bet. 

Grade School Crew: Festivus Miracle!

This was a real Festivus miracle!  I met up with all of these Frankfort Tigers for Festivus late last year and had loads of fun hearing their stories and laughing it up.  Wonderful crew and so lucky to see them all.  I didn't stay for the feats of strength, but I'd guess I could take at least one of these guys and pin them.  At least one.

#TBT To The Time I Was A Two-Time Pie Eating Champion

This photo - which like last week's was rescued from my old, abandoned Flickr archives is from September of 2005 when I was a Village Trustee in the Village of Frankfort and I was about to dominate the annual pie eating contest.  Yep...two time winner is *this guy*.   I don't remember if I won in 2004 and 2005 or 2005 and 2006.  But, as you can see by the kid next to me, it wasn't super top-notch eating talent.  And, if there's one thing I can do well, it is eat fast.  That's nothing new.  It was just being in a position to eat banana cream pies in a competition that brought out that talent.  I remember smelling banana pudding for a long time after these things.  I also remember the winning award:  a year's worth of pies from Enrico's.  Natalie and I used to go in there once a month, pick up a pie and bring it to my folk's house.  My dad loved those banana cream pies!

Village of Frankfort Is Getting A Movie Theatre

According to this piece by Patrick Guinane of the Chicago Tribune Daily Southtown , Mayor Jim Holland and the Board of Trustees in Frankfort have approved a new upscale movie theatre to come to town and occupy the now-vacant Dominick's store on LaGrange Road.   From the story : The Village Board voted 4-0 to approve Emagine Entertainment's proposal to build a 10-screen theater inside the former Dominick's grocery store at 19965 S. LaGrange Rd.   The vote came after a silent public hearing on a long-term plan to borrow $60.5 million to modernize the village's sewage treatment system, which could get a final vote at the March 21 board meeting.   The luxury theater, which will feature online reserved ticketing, powered reclining seats and beer and wine, drew rave reviews from Frankfort officials.   "It's been a long time since a project has garnered this much interest," said Trustee Cindy Heath, who expressed hope the theater would bring more show

So Long, 830 Overlook Court East

I wrote back in December about how my parents moved out of our home.  The only home I've ever known .  They moved in there - after building this place - in 1976 (I think.  Might have been 1975?  Either way...before I was born.). That's me and my three sisters along with my Mom and Dad taking one last photo in front of the 'house on the hill'.  My sister Vic wrote a very nice post on the Facebook about her memories that I can't top, but this milestone is hitting me with a long drip of melancholy.  It wasn't a full blast of sadness/memories when they sold and moved.  But now?  The idea that my parents have parted with their house keeps cropping up in my mind.  Perhaps it is because we're going through the house purchase/finding side of things ourselves.  Thinking that where ever we end up is going to be our 'forever house'.  This *was* my parents 'forever house'.  And it was a good one. The house holds many memories.  From holidays to wor

Big Rob Hauling - Great Movers!

Big Rob and his guys were at it over the weekend down in Frankfort as they once again helped my family move.   We had Big Rob over at our place in Elmhurst back in early August  and here they are down in Frankfort.   More on this move - and that house - in a different post. If you need someone to move you and not charge you crazy prices, give Big Rob a call at (773) 858-3965. Tell him Jake in Elmhurst sent 'ya!

Happy Birthday Balone!

Here's to the only guy I know who still has a Birthday Party at his parents house in the suburbs - my good friend Jason.  I've know Jason for the better than 25 years and he's a pretty a pretty amazing guy.  From his critter days to lots of laughs along the way, I'm proud to call him a friend.  Happy Birthday, Jason!  BTW...Look who got in there right next to the cake (on the right):  the Babe with her Noonie (My mom).  She looks mesmerized by the candles, doesn't she?  (it was past her bedtime, so that may be the reason.) Although the weather didn't cooperate and there wasn't any Jarts, Whiffle ball nor beanbags, there was a lot of fun.  Thanks for having us, Balone.  Can't wait until next year.

Chicago Bears Dan Hampton in Frankfort (1986-1987ish)

I found this photo while digging through my dad's garage in Michigan.  From left to right is Matt Levy, a young me, my dad, Dan Hampton, my sister Linda, my sister Vic, and Aaron Levy.  Look at the smile on my dad's face! I remember this like it was yesterday:  My mom's friend won a raffle from the new grocery store in Frankfort called Apples where Dan Hampton would personally deliver a sack of groceries to your front door.  Of course, she invited over the neighborhood so we could all meet the Danimal.  My recollection is that when I shook his hand it was like shaking a catcher's mitt. Looks like I have a program of some sorts in my hands, so there is a companion autograph somewhere in my dad's archives.  The vintage is somewhere in 1986 or 1987.  Based on the brown grass, looks like this was in the spring.  Could this have been right after the Superbowl?  I look older than 8, right?

Our Babies

A few months ago, we went to our friend Balone's birthday party out at his folks house in my hometown of Frankfort.  It was the first time we had caught up with our good friends Adam and Jill and their new baby boy - which was really nice.  It is always nice to see childhood friends, but when they come packing a new baby boy, it makes it even more special. Someone brought Balone a Coors Home Keg for his birthdayday and we celebrated appropriately - with a posed picture of us with our "babies". Here's the Babe and I, Balone and his shiny new baby, and Adam and his boy!  How adorable.

The Roots of the Gas City Cow

If you grew up in Frankfort, you know the Gas City cow.  It has been down on south LaGrange Road for as long as I can remember.  It always seemed out of place, but was of great fascination to me (and I'm guessing just about everybody who grew up in town).  It was the scene of at least one high school movie where the utters were milked on camera to hilarious results (at least we thought - at the time - it was rip-roaringly funny). A few days ago, I came across this piece in Crain's Chicago Business about how Gas City has been hit with a foreclosure suit  which mentions the roots of the cow. Longtime Southwest Siders may remember a cow statue that Mr. McEnery placed on the roof of his original station at 55th Street and Pulaski Road in the early 1970s. It was an attempt to advertise milk, a somewhat unusual product to be sold at a gas station at the time. In 1976, the roof gave way, and the cow was eventually moved to the company’s Frankfort offices, according to the Gas City

Goodbye to One of the Last Remnants of my Bachelorhood

Yesterday, we closed on the sale of my condo in Frankfort.  Bittersweet day.  While I'm thrilled to have sold the property during these difficult times in the real estate world, it is sad to close a chapter on my life.  I bought the place in 2003 right after my election to the Village Board.  It was my "first place".  I bought pre-construction and picked out all of the finishes.  I loved that place.  Loved everything about it.  It was "above" a series of commercial stores.  There was an italian restaurant, a bar, a hair salon, a bank, and a Greek breakfast restaurant.  The Village really stepped out when they (we) approved it. After we got married, we moved out.  We had a few false starts with buyers who couldn't close because of mortgage issues, so we ended up renting it for a year plus.  After the babe was on her way, I decided that I wasn't interested in being a landlord any longer.  Couldn't deal with the issues.  Didn't want the stress.

4 More Years

Today at polling places all across the Village of Frankfort, residents went to the polls and voted. I'm lucky enough that they placed their confidence in me by re-electing me to another 4 year term on the Village Board! Granted, I was running uncontested, I still was nervous all morning. Turnout was low, and I expected that, with not many contested races in Frankfort. When I voted at 8 am this morning, I was only the 7th voter in my precinct! I'm incredibly grateful for the support that both you guys (my friends) and the voters in Frankfort. I'm humbled by the confidence that you all have placed in me. I'm pleased with all that we've accomplished so far, but there's much more to be accomplished: downtown wi-fi, widening of Route 30, banning of all new banks, and dragging the Village of Frankfort into the 21st Century technology-wise. While I was unopposed this election, that's largely due to you. I've been successful in fundraising and for that