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A New Dawn (Redwood) In Our Backyard - July 2018

Last year, in May of 2017, I first posted about the Dawn Redwood that we had bought on a whim from Menards.  It was destined to go into our backyard in Downers Grove and we ended up planting it on Earth Day with some help from the three kids .  I love this photo that Nat took of us and was reminded of it recently when my Mother-in-Law made me a framed version for my desk.  Almost one year ago exactly - on July 6th - I posted a 'two month-in update' of the tree that showed it green and mostly happy . Everything looked good.  But, we had just moved in and the backyard wasn't a priority.  And my watering - it appears - seemed to drop off.  Because we lost the tree.  At least, I know that now. Up until October of last fall, I wasn't sure.  I posted this piece asking if the Dawn Redwood was going to make it .  It had set some buds, but it wasn't looking good. I will admit that I limb'd up the redwood in an attempt to get it to focus on some of it's uppe