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What's That? Cinderella Vinylmations? Don't Mind If We Do...

I covered Vinylmations earlier this year on the blog , but we were in the Disney Store recently and came across these Cinderella-themed Vinylmations and it took all the impulse control in my body to not gobble up 3 or 15 of these for the girls and I to open as we squeal all the way home. If I go back, maybe we'll pick up a few of these boxes?  As long as we get the evil Stepmother, everything will be right in the world, right?!?

Vinylmations: Not *Another* Collection, Right?

These guys above are called Vinylmation s.  They're a collectible series of things that Disney sells both in the stores and at the parks that you buy 'blind'.  You buy one from a series, but you aren't sure which one you'll get. And...they're HUGE in parts of the web.  There are literally thousands of 'blind box' unboxing videos of these things on YouTube .  We now have three of them.  The two on the ends are from Toy Story and the guy in the middle is from Sleeping Beauty (I think). They aren't cheap but people seem to be glomming on to these things in a big way.  So far, the Babe and the Bird, not to mention the Champ (the newest Parrillo!) are into these just yet.  They like the pins (more on that soon) and the Bird is all over Shopkins (which is basically the same thing but not Disney and cheaper), so as long as I don't cave when we go to the DStore, we'll be free and clear of these things.  But...that is a big 'as long as'