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Winter Plant Dreaming: All Gold Japanese Forest Grass

There are "seed people" - those gardeners who spend the cold, dark days of January and February getting their seedlings going - pouring over catalogs, ordering supplies, turning on the lights, etc.  Me?  I'm more of a 'tree/shrub/plant/perennial dreamer' during those same months.  Just a couple of days ago, I shared this Slender Hinoki Cypress (tree form) that I'm lusting after to add to the backyard and mentioned how it is often part of a "Japanese Garden".  Over the years here on the blog, I've done a bunch of 'tree dreaming' posts, but this one is a little different:  let's call it 'Grasses Dreaming'.  This post is about a grass that I came across on the Monrovia site these: All Gold Japanese Forest Grass . Here's a look at them from Monrovia : This photo is not mine - via Monrovia here .   Others, like Michigan Bulb  carry something that is close, but not the same including this Golden Hakone Grass - and p