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Out on the Weekend

See the lonely boy, out on the weekend Trying to make it pay. Can't relate to joy, he tries to speak and Can't begin to say. Think I'll pack it in and buy a pick-up Take it down to L.A. Find a place to call my own and try to fix up. Start a brand new day. The woman I'm thinking of, she loved me all up But I'm so down today She's so fine, she's in my mind. I hear her callin'. See the lonely boy, out on the weekend Trying to make it pay. Can't relate to joy, he tries to speak and Can't begin to say. She got pictures on the wall, they make me look up From her big brass bed. Now I'm running down the road trying to stay up Somewhere in her head. The woman I'm thinking of, she loved me all up But I'm so down today She's so fine she's in my mind. I hear her callin'. See the lonely boy, out on the weekend Trying to make it pay. Can't relate to joy, he tries to speak and Can

Leaf Shower in Downers Grove This Fall

One morning in the past few weeks, I witnessed this weird event:  a tree in the front yard was shedding all of it's leaves at once.  Check out what seems like a shower of leaves falling.  One right after the other.  You can see from the pattern on the ground that this tree was dropping them all in a matter of minutes while the other trees still are holding on to theirs.  You can also notice that there's frost on the roof across the street from us and I *think* that this might have been the first frost?  Could that have set off this reaction? 

The 'Crooked Leg' Hoops Move By Steve Colter

Once you see this - and then try it yourself - your mind will explode. This is former Chicago Bull and NBA Journeyman Steve Colter pulling off his 'signature move' called the Crooked Leg on John Stockton three times in one game.  I was listening to Bernstein and Goff and Dan Bernstein brought up this move for some reason. I used 'signature move' in quotes above because that's what this segment featuring Isaiah Thomas calls it.  The pre-roll video ad is brutal, so I grabbed the video file and put it up on my own YouTube Channel as an unlisted/non-monetized video.  Embedded below.  Not sure how long it will last and if the NBA will yank it down.  If the player below isn't working, click here to watch it elsewhere on YouTube .  But... it is worth it to see these guys all light up when they're talking about Steve Colter.  Then Zeke gets up and shows the move off himself.  LOL when he says "...and then he gone!"  Kinda sweet.  They all

They tell me everything is gonna be all right...

Six years ago, I wrote a post here on the blog about how (in my opinion) Bob Dylan might end up going down as one of the best songwriters for female performers .  In that post, I linked to an Adele cover of a song called " Make you feel my love ", which if you've been paying attention is a song written by Bob Dylan and released on his record 'Time out of Mind'.    There are other women covering Bob's songs that are (arguably??) better than the originals by Bob.  Take a listen to Cat Power's "I believe in You" or Sophie Zelmani's "Most of the time" .  Or Norah Jone's take on "I'll be your baby tonight" .    There's Sheryl Crow who covers "Mississippi" - and I use 'cover' loosely because her version came out BEFORE Bob's did.  In fact, he wrote it for her!  Then there's maybe the best performance at the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary concert (let's leave the 'My Back Pages' m

My Current Jams: Reggae?!

I've been listening to these two songs a bit lately.  On Google Music, the Johnny Nash (not Cash!) is listed as a Reggae song. And this song by Toots and the Maytals.   According to Wikipedia , it *is* one of their songs and not just a traditional song that they popularized.   But, it is you, indeed... You movie buffs probably remember that versions of both of these songs appeared in the Cusack movie Grosse Point Blank .  I watched part of that movie a few weeks back and remembered what a good soundtrack it had.  Then...added these songs to my 'No Stern Morning' Playlist that I use on my commutes when, as you might guess, Howard isn't on.  

'Baroque Hoedown' Is The Song from Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade

Anyone who has been to Disney World has heard the song from the Main Street Electrical Parade . You know the one.  It either drives you crazy or makes you starry-eyed. It makes me smile just thinking about it. But, I had no idea that it was a *real* song - as in - it exists OUTSIDE of the gates of the Magic Kingdom.  It was/us a real song.  I came across the name of the song on a Disney message board.  It is called 'Baroque Hoedown'. It is a creation of Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gerson Kingsley back in 1967.  Here is video below of Perrey playing it at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood back in 2006.  The guy who posted the video calls it "possibly one of his most recognized songs of the twentieth century."  One dude.  With a Moog synthesizer plays this whole thing?!? From Wikipedia : "Baroque Hoedown" was created by early Moog synthesizer pioneers (and frequent collaborators) Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley (Perrey-Kingsley) in 1967.  It

The Last Thing This Guy Is Qualified To Give A Tour Of Is Reality

What's is this?   Pizza Poundcake ? That's a line I mutter to myself a lot when I hear people say "What is this?" or "What's this?". will too.

Higher Love - Steve Winwood

A week or so ago, I posted this 'Finer Things' video from Steve Winwood and discussed how there isn't a more divisive artist in the Parrillo household .  (Well...maybe Nina Simone?  But...that's for a different post!) Someone I am connected with on Facebook posted this video this am and I *had* to share it here.  It sure makes me smile and move.  With the horns in this one, it sure seems to be more in Nat's wheelhouse than the synth-driven 'Higher Love', right?!?

St. Joe's Winter Lake Sunset from Rocky Gap Park

We had a pretty incredible sunset earlier this year up in Michigan. Shot from Rocky Gap Park - which is technically - in Benton Harbor.  We hit up the park on the way to St. Joseph, so it is St. Joe's to us!

Holiday Magic at Brookfield Zoo - 2013 Visit

We took the girls to Brookfield Zoo last Saturday.  The temperature was oddly warm which meant that we weren't the only ones who had the bright idea to go to Zoo Lights.  The traffic was a mess, but once we got inside (and parked in the South Lot!), we had a great time.  We even rode the carousel....which we never do (according to the Babe)!

Funny Amazon Video Smile Fail

Last week, Nat and I rented 'Little Fockers' from Amazon Video on Demand.  The local video store in Coloma closed last year and we haven't found a close Redbox (Hello, somebody?  There's an opportunity for you!  Put a Redbox at the Hilltop/Harding's grocery store.) so we turned to Amazon Video on Demand. Sure, the movie was terrible (we should have know, right?), but to make matters worse, the connection we were on (we were up in Michigan slurping free/slow wifi from our neighbors) was terrible.  The film crapped out at this very moment.  Seriously.  No funny-business in hitting pause or whatever.  Just a smirking Bob De Niro and the Amazon logo.   One heckuva coincidence, eh? BTW.... Blogger is back online ?  Sort of?  I guess the post I wrote yesterday about the fence stain disappeared into the ether.

Jeff Tweedy - Single Ladies Cover

How about this?!?! Via EW by way of Fratty Matty's FB page.