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Northern Catalpa Patio Tree - Leader Pruning and New Vertical Growth - July 2024

The small, volunteer Northern Catalpa tree that is growing up on one corner of our patio had a three-leader situation going on in June.  Catalpas are whirl'd - which means they show growth out of three points, so having three leaders isn't surprising.  About three weeks ago, I made the decision to cut-off two of them and then forgot about it.  It didn't take long, but the small tree reacted VERY STRONGLY to the leader situation being sorted and has shot up about a foot in the past two weeks.  Here, below, is a look at the tree as it sits currently: I'll note that the peak is right above the tips of the Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grasses.  Looking back at September 2023 - late last Summer - this same tree was coming in a foot-or-so below the grass tips and I measured it at 41" tall. What is it now - after this growth spurt?  65" tall to the top of the foliage.  24" growth since September of 2023 - and most of it (I think) in the past couple of weeks.

Dwarf Spring Grove Ginkgo Tree Planted In Front Yard - July 2024

In 2023, I bought a pair of dwaft ( Witch's Broom) Ginkgo trees named Spring Grove Gingkos and planted them on either side of our back stoop .  They're handsome dwarf trees that have done well.  They wilt in the hot sun a little bit, but have put on good growth in their two growing seasons .  So...when I came across another one earlier this Summer, I grabbed it. I wasn't sure where it would go, but when I decided to cut out and create the new front yard Island Bed and plant the Northern Glow Korean Maple , I figured this small Spring Grove Ginkgo would make a handsome companion.     I put it in the opposite corner of the bed and like the Korean Maple, I also covered this with some shade cloth to give it a little bit of protection from the summer sun.  This one is multi-trunked (2 stems).  You can see the as-planted state below: Here (below) is a capture of the plant tags: This is the second island bed plant and will (hopefully) serve as the anchor to the (eventual) larger

Northern Glow Korean Maple Planted And Front Yard Island Bed Created - July 2024 (My 100th Tree Planted in our Yard)

One month ago, I posted a 'Getting to Know" post about the Northern Glow Korean Maple and talked about the features of the Korean Maples (More hardy, but look like JMs and can handle sun) vs. their cousins.  I mentioned in that post that I bought the tree and brought it home.  It took me a little bit to figure out exactly where I wanted it to do - backyard, near the patio or....the front yard.   I've posted some front-yard landscaping inspiration in the past and talked about how I can transform from a traditional turf yard to include more beds and conifers.  In some of the photos, they've mixed conifers and Japanese Maples to create a screen of sorts .  I also talked about how I *start* that transformation.  Do I start down by the sidewalk?  Do I eventually want a path through the front yard (yes??) ?    I know that I won't have EVERYTHING to plant at once and the material that I buy is usually small, so it can be awkward to plant things in isolation.   I placed

Three Japanese Maples LOST - First Ghost, Inaba Shadire, Seiryu - June 2024

It is finally time to call a couple of dead trees:  Three Japanese Maples didn't come back this Spring.  They tried - leaf'd out from the graft - but now...they are foliage-free.  Two of them are from Mr. Maple - the upright Seiryu Japanese Maple and First Ghost - back by the firepit.  Both...are now on the LOST TREES list.  The Seiryu is one that I really was keen to see grow as I planted it in the shadow of the dying Flowering Cherry Tree.  That tree died last year, and now the JM is gone, too.  That leaves a big empty opportunity for a shade-tolerant tree.    The last one was the Inaba Shadire high-grafted tree.  Below are a couple of photos showing the skeletons of these Japanese Maples.  First the Seiryu followed by First Ghost.   Sadly...these are the fourth Japanese Maples that didn't make it just this year - with the unknown laceleaf tree from the orange big box store was pulled and replaced by an Emperor 1 earlier this Spring.   I've now planted ten Japanese