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Fanal Astilbe New Growth Red Foliage Emerges - March 2024

Just yesterday, I posted a photo showing some of the new red tips of peonies that had emerged from the mulch beds (in this case...a biosolid-top-dressed bed) and talked about how they were a sign of Spring.  But, the peonies aren't the ONLY red-tipped perennial that has arrived for the year: some of our Fanal Astilbes that are planted in our backyard shade garden are making their way out of the mulch to begin their annual foliage show.  Below, is a photo of the Fanal Astilbe that is planted at the furthest East-end of the row of these shade-tolerant perennials: I started with a dozen of these Fanal Astilbes planted in the backyard in 2020 along the south border and have moved them a few times.   By last Summer, these were thick, full and happy - so I put them on my Fall Dividing list.   And, I was able to dig-up and divide four of them - creating four new 'free plants' that I planted on the other side of the yard in a hosta-replacement project .   The photo here is of o