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Spiked GayFeather Blooming - 2013

Back in late May, I picked up this Spiked Gayfeather from the Elmhurst Garden Club annual plant sale.

It was a little thing with just a few inches tall of greenery.  I put it in the backyard in the beds underneath our family room.  It (apparently) likes it there.  Four flowered shoots have grown to be three+ feet tall and the flowers are so heavy that they're weighting down the stems.

Nat doesn't love the placement, but I am not sure I should move it.  She wants it to be moved to a different area where it can serve as the background behind some lower plantings.  I don't disagree with that idea, but I'm hesitant to move something that so clearly is happy and healthy.   They're known to divide after some time, so maybe early next Spring when they're just popping up, I'll dig up the roots of some of them and move them around.

Grape Tomatoes - 2013

We're starting to get a lot of little green gems.  Still a week or two away from harvesting time, but they're looking nice and not getting any splits from uneven/over-watering.

Tomatillo Plant Fruiting -2013

Earlier this summer, I picked up a tomatillo plant on a whim.  I stuck it in the ground and pretty much forgot about it.  At some point, I read that you actually needed two of them for pollination (source here), so I went back looking for another one, but came up empty.

I let the plant grow, but figured it was a lost cause.    I went back into the garden this morning to poke around and see what was happening and look at this beauty that is growing.  There are a few of them starting to take shape, so either they're going to be some bizarre tomatillo/tomato hybrid, you don't actually *need* two of them, or something else weird happened totally.

Fulla Bologna Old World Delicatessent Coming to Elmhurst

We walked to Church this weekend down York Street and saw the exterior construction that was going on in the old Smoothie Factory space.  You'll remember the Smoothie Factory closed back in April after a number of years in the location.

Really glad to see an entrepreneur give it a go in our City Centre.  And I'm even more pleased that it isn't a nail salon or "Cash for Gold" franchise location.  Also glad to see the landlord make the necessary investment in the building.

The exterior work on the building looks to be enhancing the facade - which is really nice.  Based on the story on the Elmhurst Patch, it looks like we're getting something called the Fulla Bologna Old World Delicatessent.  They have a site up, but don't give much detail on what they're offering.

I'm hoping that they'll do a great job on sandwiches and IMPORTANTLY....have a killer giardiniera to go along with them.  

As for the name, a commenter on the Patch pointed out the…

Elmhurst Alderman Dannee Polomsky Delivers on City Hall Marketing Program Changes

Word came this week that the City of Elmhurst City Council did something that I have never witnessed a governmental body do before: Aftering giving something more thought, they unanimously adopted a “minority report” version of a recommendation coming out of a committee over the initial “majority” view of the situation.

The details of what exactly happened can be found here on the Elmhurst Patch.

The interesting part isn’t that a marketing agency only received a five month contract and not a twelve month contract. That’s not the big takeaway here.

The important part is that Alderman Dannee Polomsky - my Alderman and neighbor - used this time to make a larger point about the City of Elmhurst taking some time to be deliberate and evaluate ALL of the marketing initiatives as a collective whole and work to optimize them.   For instance...The City of Elmhurst has a role (Part-time) on staff for something called "Visitor and Tourism" while at the same time, Finzall maintains the …

1st Annual Spotting: Downtown Discount Days

Some merchants in the Elmhurst City Centre are having what they bill as the "1st Annual Downtown Discount Days" coming up August 1st through August 3rd.  Sounds like a nice event.

But 1st Annual?  That's my pet peeve.  I see it all the time and don't like it.  Call it what it really is:  the "Inaugural", please?

Anemone Plant Blooming - 2013

Back in the fall of 2010, we planted this Anemone plant in our sideyard (southside) after Nat's mom bought a few for a project.  I documented the blooms in 2011 and was surprised that it survived.

I don't think I took a photo of it last year, but when I went out to plant our pumpkin seeds last week, I was amazed at how big the Anemone had gotten.  With the blooms, it is 3+ feet tall.  And the blooms?  You can see that there's TONS of them.  It clearly is happy in this spot.

Painted Lady Butterfly Project: Caterpillars Arrived

A few weeks ago, I took the girls to the local "My Favorite Toy Store" in the Elmhurst City Centre where we picked up a few things including a butterfly project.  For twenty-ish bucks, you get a mesh cage and a coupon that you send away for caterpillars.  This was going to be a project for me and the Babe, my oldest daughter.

We dutifully filled out the coupon and send it away.  This weekend, the Babe received a box in the mail and when she opened it, she found a sealed cup with five or six tiny caterpillars in it with some peanut-butter-looking stuff at the bottom.
Once we opened up the box, the instructions said to set the cup upright in a place that is 68 to 75 degrees out of direct sunlight.  At first, these little guys didn't move at all.  They seemed to be stuck in place.  They must be kept in some setting that keeps in a place close to hibernation which ends after the box arrives, I would think.  A few hours of sitting on our counter, they started to move.

The i…

Speckled Swan Gourd Seeds: Planted 2013

I have news for you folks:  We're 100ish days until Halloween and that means it is time to get your pumpkin/gourd seeds into the ground.  Based on the package, I'm actually a bit late, but with some care, I think I can get these guys up to speed.  Since we're not eating any of the pumpkins/gourds I'm growing, I have no problem giving them a feeding or two of fertilizer to get the fruits nice and big.

I have planted these in a totally different part of our yard.  Totally separate from our vegetable garden both because of the above mentioned fertilizer, but also because of the bugs that these things draw.  I want to be able to use some Seven on them if I need to and (although it says it is safe for vegetables that are being eaten), I prefer to not do that on the rest of our plants/fruits.

Having not grown this type of swan-neck gourd in the past, I have no idea how successful we'll be, but I figured it would be nice to have a few of these around come fall.

How The Other Half Live

That is all.

Radish Harvest - 2013

Just a bit less than a month ago, I posted this photo of our radish seedlings popping up in our center vegetable bed.  Yesterday, I started to pull them up and we got a mixed bag.  Some really nice, plump, beautiful pink/round beauties.  And some skinny-minnies that are the result of bolting (I think?).

This was the first year I grew radishes and they were VERY easy from seed.  They are an early crop, so can be replaced by things like Pumpkins and lettuces I would think.  I'm not sure I'm going to put anything in the space these were in this year, though.

Elmhurst Check Valve Program

News this morning that the City of Elmhurst has approved a program that will start to share the cost of the installation of check valves in resident's homes to help stem the tide of flooding and sewage backups that seem to be pretty common with any sort of heavy rain that comes to town.

There are some stipulations to the assistance including a mandatory detaching of any rainwater systems with the sanitary sewer, but that is a small price to pay to have your basement free of sewage, I suppose.
Residents of Elmhurst who want to keep sewage out of their homes during large storms can apply to have the city share the cost of a flood-improvement device called a check valve.The program, which city officials hope will help ease flooding and prevent sewage overflow into homes, was approved July 1.Building Commissioner Bruce Dubiel said residents can apply for the check-valve program, which will pay up to half the cost of the valve up to $3,000 per homeowner.

Kudos to the Mayor and the City…

Ravinia Festival for David Byrne

We couldn't have had a better time over the weekend at Ravinia for David Byrne.  We went up there with Nat's family and if every trip to Ravinia was like this one, I would LOVE going there to see shows.   We parked right near the main gate (we didn't arrive to a bit after six pm, so we weren't super early birds), the weather was just right (not too hot), there wasn't an opener (David Byrne went on really close to 7:30) and he didn't play forever (we were home by 10:30).

From the looks of the place, I wasn't the only one enjoying myself.  There were more people standing up to dance at this show than most of the other ones I've been too.  I guess the CSO doesn't give you much to dance too (and the susher's wouldn't have it anyway, right?!).

I took this photo above (click on it to get the full feel) and while it is doing some weird things (like cutting Ryan's head off - guy in red in foreground), it gives you a feel for the night.

Loved …

Punters are People, Too


Garage Sale Find: Milk glass Vase

Part of our typical weekend routine during the Spring/Summer is to try to stop at a few garage sales.  Sometimes, Nat and the girls are with me, sometimes not.  Usually, there's nothing to be had at them as we either arrived too late or there is nothing but junk, but on a rare occasion, I find something that I like and is priced right.  This weekend was one of those times.  I found two pieces of Milk Glass: this bud vase and a weird circular hobnail pattern taper candle holder.  The bud vase was marked $0.25 and the other piece was $4.00.  We went home with this pretty little vase, but I couldn't decide on the other one, so I left it behind.

She's a real beaut!