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Elmhurst Newcomers and Neighbors Club: A Night at the Derby

This Saturday - May 4th - from 3 to 7 pm at Flight 112 in Elmhurst, the Elmhurst Newcomers and Neighbors Club (ENNC) is hosting their annual fundraiser .  This year, the organization that they're supporting is Special Kids Day . Tickets are $40/head and can be purchased online or at the door.    There is food, drinks, live music and  a silent auction that has at least 2 things that I've been lusting after:  a collection of Werner ladders and a bunch of free stuff from Home Run Inn including gift cards and free frozen pizza coupons. The reason I've been lusting after them is that Nat has been involved in putting this whole thing together.  "Involved" might be an understatement?  She's really dug in and helped bring this event to life and I'm really proud of her for all of her hard work.  Nat has so many talents, but it seems one of the things she really enjoys (and does well) is pulling together these type of activities.  I guess that's why she&#

Calling All Charities: Elmhurst Newcomers and Neighbors Club Searching for Benefactor for their Spring Fundraiser

Do you know a worthy organization that needs financial support from the community of Elmhurst? Well...there's some good news.  Each year, the Elmhurst Newcomers and Neighbors Club selects a new group or organization to support. ENNC is a non-profit community organization for women in Elmhurst, IL that helps women and their families meet new people, connect with others with similar interests, participate in community service projects and generally become more familiar with the Elmhurst community. This group holds an annual Spring Fundraiser to raise money for local charities. My wife, Natalie is involved in the organization and is helping lead on the event and I'm glad to be able to help her spread the word. ENNC just announced that they're now taking nominees for their 2013 event - online! The application can be found by clicking here . Interested parties need to fill out the nomination by November 4th 2012.  Get goin' and nominate a good charity, group, or