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We're back...

But over here. Thanks for making the trip.

Having this site up here instead of JoinCross will allow me a bit more flexibility. It will also allow me to put up stuff that didn't always 'make it' past the 'Standards & Practices People'...

Now...I'm the 'Standards and Practices' People.

As I get settled in to my new home, I want you guys to NOT forget about my old home. I'll still be posting over there, but it won't be as regular.

Shortly I'll get to the whole story as to why this all happened. It's quite a good yarn...

Passenger Side

I've only lived downstate during my 4 years at UIUC, so I don't know too much about rural life.

I do know that at least 2 guys on our staff who happen to be related* have gotten into a bit of a pickle with having a few too many pops and then driving.

In the Missouri legislature, at least on one member is going to side with my guys.
Missouri Transportation Committee Chairman Jon Dolan announced last week that it will be a top priority to pass tougher seat belt laws and open alcohol container laws.

Sen. John Cauthorn, R-Mexico, said he's not happy to see those as priorities.

"The rural community feels threatened by someone telling them what to do," Cauthorn said. I can see Ron Stephens get up and say something like that. Too funny.....

Ummm...I think it's already against the law to Drink and Drive. How is this going to make the 'rural community' any different?

*2 of the nicest guys in the world and my collegues, btw.