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Dappled Willow Tree - Old House and New House?

The tree you see above is a Dappled Willow (treeform) in the Home Depot parking lot/garden center/nursery.  It is, I think, a grafted tree (hence the 'treeform') and one that we had in our old house in Elmhurst.  I put it in one of the beds that was close to the garage side door, so we walked by it every time we got in and out of the car.  Here's the label from the tree at Home Depot: Both Nat and I really liked the tree.  It grew big and threw off these beautiful, pinkish reeds.  I gave it quite a bit of consideration before, ultimately, passing on the tree for this season.  It was $49.99, so between the price and not really having an idea of where, exactly to put this thing, I talked myself out of putting it into our cart.  One place it *could* go is in the hydrangea bed along the south fence line .  With the hydrangeas filling up the ground space, this could sit on top of them - in the back - and get what it wants:  part sun.  Then we'd get to enjoy it

Corkscrew Willow Tree - Far Backyard Location

More tree posts!  Yeah...just what you were hoping for, right?  Another post about the tree situation at our new place in Downers, but this one is a bit special.  It's because the kids and I went out and picked out this tree just for Natalie.  She wanted a Willow, so we went hunting at Menards and came up with this interesting one:  a Corkscrew Willow.  Salix matsudano 'Tortuosa'. As a refresher, there's been a bunch of new trees that we're adding/added to the backyard. We picked up a Dawn Redwood .  And planted it.   I posted about the north side of our backyard and how we're going to fill it in.   I am trying my hand at the art of espalier.   With two Linden trees .   And, after being inspired by the Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo, I picked up a flowering Cherry tree . And now add this Willow to the mix.  We picked it up at Menards and it was priced to sell. Listen...I know the reputation of willows.  Dirty, filthy trees.  That don't last long.