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Vintage Christmas - Non-Survivors - December 2020

 Christmas is coming.  And the goose is getting fat.  But, we're also (thankfully) paring back some of the little decorations and vintage Santas that we have out and about.  This is a box of items that didn't make the cut this year.  There are guys in here that I've collected from garage sales, estate sales and even the Randolph Street Vintage Christmas market.  There are angels, carolers, a couple of planters and a really cute Santa with his sleigh and reindeers on reins.   With no Christmas parties to go to this year (thanks, COVID.  Seriously...the introvert over here says "thanks"), I suppose these can't serve as host/hostess gifts.  They'll have to sit and wait for another year.  

A Couple of Vintage Christmas Santas - Destined For Others

My collecting mantra is codified.  I've created this post  on the blog outlining the details of that very mantra.  It came from an Instagram post from Imagineer Joe Rhode and is something that I've tried to remember whenever I go to an Estate Sale, Garage Sale or an Antique Mall.  Over the years, I've bought dozens of little vintage Christmas items including these three Santas.  The first one - at the top of this post - is a little guy with pipe cleaner arms in a gold glitter sleigh. I bring up the mantra because last year these three weren't chosen to be part of our Christmas decorations.  They were left behind in the tub.  That means that this year, they're going to have to find a new home. Below are two more:  the one on the right has a green glass ornament as his belly and he, too, has pipe cleaner arms (and beard!).  The guy on the left might be Mrs. Claus?  There's that white trim below his/her chin, but it isn't necessarily a beard, right?