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Loki Action Figure - Marvel - December 2022

I spotted this lady Loki at Graham Cracker Comics in town right before Christmas.  Did she come home with us?  Nope.  But, that doesn't mean we can't appreciate her existence.   Loki is one of the kid's favorite member of the MCU, but I think they prefer Alligator vs Lady Loki in whatever version of the multi-verse is appropriate.

Buying NFTs on Veve - March 2022

A few days ago, I posted a photo of a new-to-us fossil find from our backyard (a Crinoid fossil) and mentioned about how I used my first backyard fossil find (a Trilobite) as a use case to try to understand the world of NFTs and the platform OpenSea.  I posted a photo of my Trilobite fossil on OpenSea , but didn't list it for sale (due to the 'gas fees'), so I'm not totally sure what the utility of the exercise was (in that case), but it also lead me to a different platform:  VeVe.  VeVe is an NFT marketplace for 'digital collectibles '.  From brands.  Digital art, images and comic books are what they're mostly dealing with on the platform from brands like Marvel, Disney, Pixar , James Bond, Back to the Future and Adventure Time among others.  Veve offers a store - where you can buy these digital collectibles.  They also offer a 'drop' system where creators 'drop' collectibles at a specific time when they (seemingly) get gobbled up by collec

Christmas Haul: Groot Planter - January 2022

This isn't part of *my* Christmas Haul (like the padded espalier training wire from last week), but I still wanted to post a photo of this gift that was received in our house by the Bird.  One of the things that we've done over the past year-plus is to watch ALL of the Marvel MCU movies as a family.  As part of that experience, some of the characters in the MCU have become family favorites. One of those is Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.  The Bird (now) has some Groot shirts and even a little magnet shoulder-sitting Groot that she'll wear around .   But, when I think about all of the kids, the one that has the MOST interest in nature and plants and gardening (with me) is the Bird.  So, I'm thinking that is part of the draw to Groot:  he's organic and is plant-based.    For Christmas, we came across this set of Groot planters on Etsy and knew that she'd love them.  There are four in the total set, but you can buy just one. Note: there are A LOT of 3D-printe

Ant Man Disney Pin - 2015

The Babe traded for this Ant-man pin from a pin board at the resort.  She's naturally drawn to 'big' pins and this this certainly *is* big.  It is heavy, but has only one pin back on it.  Surprisingly, after she plucked it off the board, I looked at it and figured out that it really wasn't a scrapper.  Someone, who had this thing on their lanyard found something that they liked better and gave this one up. My daughters have no idea who Antman is nor have they ever seen the movie, but they both liked the pin. Based on this eBay listing , it was part of a limited release of just 2000 pins from 2015 (a doy!  It says that right on the pin!) timed with the opening day of the film.  This guy has it listed for $19.88 - which is nuts, but it says he's sold 3 of them, so this seems to be a sought-after pin.