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Omega Speedmaster Moto360 Watchface

Growing up, my dad always wore a very specific watch: an Omega Speedmaster.  As he told it, that watch is/was the best watch on the market.  At least for him.   So, imagine my joy when I stumbled across a knock-off face on the XDA forums for the very same watch.  I wore it on Easter and my Dad got a kick out of it.   It doesn't quite look perfect, but it isn't that far off.   Right away, I (of course) went right back to my Mickey Mouse face as fast as I could.  Back in my comfort zone.

2015: On Time

One of the best things I was gifted this Christmas season is this guy above.  Will be the first time in a decade since I wore a watch everyday.  The last watch I wore regularly was an Ironman with a velcro band during the early post-college years.  I never took that thing off.  Wore it to bed, wore it in the shower.  Used it to time runs. The big difference here is that I have to take this thing off every night and charge it.  I do that with my phone, so this can't be much more difficult, right?