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Disneyland Hotel Headboard

Sure... the phone and internet guide featuring Walt is cool, but you know what is REALLY cool about the Disneyland Hotel?  The headboards.  Yeah...the headboards. That photo above is what they look like when you've turned off all the lights in the room but keep the headboard light up.  When you push a button, there's a music box sound of the song 'When you wish upon a star' and the fireworks flicker a bit. Here's a video on YouTube of it happening on someone's visit . This was a total delight for not just my kids but also for Nat and I.  I can't tell you now many times I hit the button to make the song go on and have the board light up.  This is just another one of those little touches that make strong memories for me at Disney. also speaks to the details they've put into the Disneyland Hotel rooms. We listen to Pete Werner and the gang on the Dis Unplugged and Pete just raved about the rooms at the Disneyland Hotel .  After that ep

Disney Boardwalk Trip

With a little bit of help, The Babe bested me in this water-gun shooting game on the Disney Boardwalk in Orlando.  This was our first visit to the Boardwalk area - and we came just for dinner -but it sure feels like it won't be our last.  There's an ESPN restaurant, a couple of hotels and a brewery...which is where we went for dinner.  

So Long, Sea Island - 2012

We spent the past week on Oglethorpe Drive and had a pretty amazing, relaxing vacation.  Now on to the circus in Florida!