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Google+ - The Emerald Sea Where My Past And Future Collided

I was sitting in these internal meetings for Edelman in Toronto a few weeks back and my past hit me square between the eyes.  One of the speakers was Joshua Gans , a professor at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto who speaks widely on the concept of disruption.  It was an appropriate topic for us at Edelman because our agency is undergoing a transformation of sorts as we head away from pure Public Relations to becoming a Communications Marketing organization.    He runs a blog called Digitopoly and covers disruption and economics. Welp, during his talk, he cited a few examples of organizations that made moves based on the marketplace and talked about their being three factors in disruption: 1.  First...can you guys see the disruption coming? 2.  Can you identify and organize a response?  And... 3.  Can you execute on the response and adopt it to your organization. He also talked about the three type of responses: 1.  Beat them. 2.  Join them. 3

*Somebody* Is Getting Into Snapchat

The Babe is just six (going on 16!), but she's way ahead of me with the snaps and the filters and the what-have-yous over there.  I went and peeked at my Snapchat account and my name and photo in the snapcode have been changed to her name and photo.  Sneaky work.  Of course she's all over Snapchat, right? #GetOffMyLawn

Good Guy Clif Bar Customer Care On Twitter

Yesterday, I posted what I thought was a funny video showing off the new 'zero calorie' Clif Kid Z bars that we got from Costco .  I went on Twitter and gave the fine folks at Clif Bar a little bit of grief and included the #ThanksObama hashtag for these new light bars.  This wasn't brand-shaming and I wasn't going crazy, just trying to get their attention of the problem we encountered using a channel of my choosing. Customer care via social isn't easy and the good folks at Clif Bar stepped up and responded and directed me to their other customer care channels.  Good for them.  Would have loved to see a little bit of brand personality come out in their reply, but we can't get everything, can we?!? Thanks for the conversation, Clif Bar team.  I went to the contact form and filled it out with details.  We'll see if they get back to me.  If they do?  I'm sure I'll post it here. @jakeparrillo Sorry about that. Please contact our CS team @ h

Google+ Ripples Shows How News Spreads

Last week, I put up a post that pointed to a neat little tool called "Follow Your World" from Google that allows you to put in any location of interest (say...your home address) and then have Google send you a quick note when they update the imagery of your house on Google Maps.  My old boss, Rick Klau is still one of the true believers and reads this blog in his feed reader (Thanks, Rick!).  He used the baked-in Google+ sharing tools in Google Reader (at least...that is my assumption) to share my post with his audience on Google+.   Rick has more than 40K folks who follow him, so his content is seen by a big - and in some cases - an influential audience in the tech, startup and politics world(s). Google+ has this neat feature called "Ripples" that shows you what happens in a graphical manner in terms of the sharing of content.  That image above shows the path that my post took once Rick shared it.  One of his readers (Matt Cutts) has an *even bigger* audience