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Yahoo! Buys

I have never really considered myself to be a Yahoo! guy. I use Google. I use Gmail. I use AIM. But...  now I'm a total Yahoo! guy .  In addition to Flickr, now Yahoo! owns, which powers savedstuff , a little project that Rick and I and a few others use. Flickr is an incredible project. It takes you about 5 minutes to 'go pro' and use the hell outta that site. If you want to have stuff populate 'Saved Stuff', just tag it 'savedstuff' in If you want me to see it for this blog, tag it 'forjake'. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then it's time to go noodle around there . Once you 'get', you'll be hooked...especially if you use Firefox!

I Stand Corrected

A few days ago, I posted some comments about Mr. Rich Miller and his abilities as a journalist, commentator, web designer, and as a Don Juan. Yesterday, I checked the ole' inbox and I got this friendly reminder from Rich: To: From: Subject Playboy?  not any more, bubbah. playboy is married I stand corrected. My apologies to the lovely Mrs. Miller.