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Kirschbaum's Christmas Eve - 2019

I know this post is late.  Like a month late.  But, I came across the photos on my phone and wanted to document it for diary-purposes like I've done over the years .  This past Christmas Eve, I made my annual visit to Kirschbaum's Bakery in Western Springs.  They open up for orders and pre-orders and it is a busy day at the bakery.  That's why I get there early in the am.  This year, I arrived first.  I was the first car that pulled up.  It was before five am.  The listed hours on the store's website is that they open at seven am.  But...based on previous years experience, I knew that they'd open earlier than that. A few minutes after I arrived more cars started to show up.  We all played along and stayed in our cars where it was warm.  Around six am, a guy got out of his car and then we all had to scramble and run to line.  Based on where my car was parked, I got there to be third in line. That's when the woman in front of me said: were here

Kirschbaum's Bakery - Pre-Christmas, Pre-Opening Wait

This year, the day fell on a Saturday.  I was #6 in line.  I snapped this photo on my way out after I picked up my baked goods for the holidays.  In and out with a pre-order.  That's the way to roll.  Still a lot of fun to be part of the circus there in Western Springs,

Getting A Late Start On Election Day 2016

These are a few of the posters that have gone up recently around the office that are urging all of us at Edelman to make sure we get out and vote on Election Day .  They've even incentivized us by having the office 'open' at 11:30 am central that day and by bribing us with donuts.  The puns just write themselves, it seems. And Edelman isn't alone.  There's a trend happening on Election Day.   From this Digiday story : A variety of agencies, from Edelman and Day One to AKQA and Walton Isaacson, are doing everything from letting employees work remotely to delaying opening their offices until later in the day in a bid to encourage them to vote. For Edelman, flexibility just didn’t cut it. When the agency polled its employees about the biggest barriers stopping them from getting to the polls, time fared top of the list. Agency executives realized that even with flexible time off to vote, it was still difficult for staffers to juggle work, polls, childcare and

Sorry Folks. Come Back for Cider Donuts In The Fall

When we were up in Michigan, one of the little traditions I have with the girls is an early morning trip to pick up some donuts and cups of ice.  We typically go to the Wesco gas station. But the last time we were in Coloma, Nat had the good idea for us to head out across the highway to Grandpa's Cider Mill where we have devoured apple cider donuts.  That usually happens in the fall and is coordinated with a trip to either Crane's or some other orchard for some picking. Grandpa's Cider Mill instead of the gas station? As Vince Vaughn said in "The Breakup" about lemons for the centerpiece:   What my baby wants, my baby gets. we went.  Only to be 'Wally World'd' by this sign. Sorry folks.  No donuts for you.  Come back in August, September or October. We sulked back to the gas station and picked up a few long johns and apple fitters and went on our way.

Nat Calls Them Donuts

Me?  I call them 'poonch-keys' just like my Mama does. Nat went out of her way to pick some tasty treats up from the bakery - which I devoured.