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Building A Backyard Bocce Court?

Just took one day for me to have to add other items to my 'backyard dream' list.  Yesterday, I posted my 2020 to-do list and today, I'm talking about adding something to our yard that WAS NOT on that list.  I supposed that's ok, because this isn't something that I am going to add THIS YEAR.  I suppose this could be something that I'd put on my 2021 or beyond to-do-list.  Let's call this just simply a [ backyard dreaming ] post. In yesterday' post, I included #11 which calls for me to "build something" and I mentioned a couple of ideas including a  garden chair , a  Versailles box , a Raised bed, some Insect houses, a  Wattle Fence .  and finally a  bird nesting box/platform .  Today, I'm adding to that potential 'build list' with a Bocce Ball Court. I came across this post on the Landscaping Network site that lays out the details of adding a Bocce Ball Court to your backyard .   They talk about the materials, the dimensions/spa