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Aloha Duffy From Aulani Disney Pin - On Our Board

One of the kids bought this Duffy pin during our stay at Aulani from earlier this year, but I just found it amongst their toys randomly.  But, I should have known that there was a third pin because I only documented two Aulani-related pins from our trip:  the O'lu turtle pin and this "Happy Holidays" Aulani pin featuring both Duffy and Shellie Mae . This "Aloha Duffy" with his Hawaiian shirt and luau necklace is going right on our pin board ( here's the first one and here's the second one ) in the garage alongside the rest of the pins we've collected. With my travels to Tokyo Disney, I've been able to bring home a few other Duffy and Friends-related things for the kids and they seem to love him.  Despite being pulled out of the American parks in all things but for the "Good Night Show" that they play at the resorts.  Oh, you haven't had your kids watch it?  Mine love it and this version on YouTube means we can even watch i

Duffy's Heartwarming Days @ Tokyo DisneySea - February 2019

Of the course of the past week or so, I've shared a bunch of details of my trip to the Tokyo Disney Resort including a stop at Tokyo DisneySea.  My trip there coincided with a unique celebration called "Duffy's Heartwarming Days 2019" that was taking place in the Cape Cod section of the park that seemed to be a particular draw for some guests. The Heartwarming Days celebration features Duffy the Bear and his friends Shellie Mae, Gelatoni and StellaLou.  They had this display with little characters set up that you see above that had a super long line of folks waiting to take photos. The Heartwarming Days celebration ran simultaneously with the 35th Birthday celebration of the resort so they had situations where you could get a photo of a 35th Birthday marker (like this nautical Mickey themed one) and the Heartwarming Days banners (on the roof and on the next building).  This had a shorter line - but was still having people take photos (I blurred this little gi

A Ride on the Tokyo Disney Resort Monorail

The two resorts at the Tokyo Disney Resort are connected with a Monorail that circles the property.  It makes a stop at a train station in between the two parks and to be honest, I've only been on this monorail twice and both times I did the same route:  DisneySea Station --> Disneyland Station.  So, I'm not totally sure where else it runs to and how long the route is, but I thought I'd share my experience. The trip between the two parks is a really nice experience and one that is totally on-theme.  You exit DisneySea and head out to the station.  Buying your one-way ticket at a machine, then you get through the turnstiles and head upstairs to the platform.  A few minutes later...the monorail arrives. And it is full of Mickey Heads.  The outside windows are Mickeys. And so are the handles you use when you are stuck standing as the train moves. Pretty simple, but adds so much to the experience. There was this one last touch in the car I was in:  a "

Olu Disney Pin From Aulani - Duffy's Turtle Friend

A week back, I posted a photo of the Christmas-themed pin from Aulani that one of the kids picked out and mentioned that we picked up a few other ones.  Today is the pin featuring 'Olu the Turtle.  He's "A Disney friend of Duffy".  Who is 'Olu the Turtle? And how did he meet Duffy? From the Disney Parks Blog : As Mickey and Duffy sailed the islands on a quest to find the perfect birthday present for ShellieMay, rhythmic sounds of an ‘ukulele called to them over the ocean, leading them to a cozy cove and to ‘Olu, a kindhearted turtle playing happy music.  ‘Olu smiled and shyly greeted Duffy, “I play my ‘ukulele to make songs of love. Want to sing with me?” ‘Olu strummed a beautiful song for his new friends. “That will be the perfect present for ShellieMay!” said Duffy excitedly. Off to the party they went, singing the special song together for their birthday friend. He's exclusively at Aulani in Hawaii, so they have a full suite of 'Olu the Turtle

Disney Aulani Duffy and ShellieMay Christmas Ornament 2018 Pin

Before we get too far away from the holiday season, I wanted to post this new addition to our pin board:  a Limited Edition 2018 Happy Holidays - Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa Christmas ornament pin that opens up to reveal a couple of special Aulani friends: Duffy and his lady friend ShellieMay.  You Disney pros know who they are.  But those of you who are confused why Mickey the Mouse isn't in there?  Read this piece about who is the most popular Disney characters in Asia . We've been to Disney Parks in the past around Christmas time and because of that, we usually end up with at least one Christmas-related Disney Pin.  I've covered some of these on the blog before. Here's a photo and post about a Stormtrooper with a candy cane holiday Disney pin .   Here's a Haunted Mansion Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party pin from 2015 .   We also bought two other pins from the same party in 2015 including one with Mickey, Minnie and Pluto and the other