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A Trip to Russ & Daughters For Black And White Cookies

On a recent visit to NYC, I decided to ask around for a good recommendation for a black and white cookie.  There are a bunch of lists of the *best* black and white cookie out there on the web, but I figured some local might know the answer to my question:  the best black and white cookie that IS WALKABLE from where I was staying. The answer turned out to be the same:  Russ and Daughters.  It was both walkable and it turns out, #1 on the lists. I walked over there and was immediately struck by the place.  Beautiful sign.  And an even better experience inside.  The store was split down the middle with their smoked fish on the left and the bakery items on the right.  They bagged up a few cookies and off I went. Have a look at one of the cookies below.  These were different than the black and whites that I had been buying at the little bodega across the street from my normal hotel.  These were almost glazed, not frosted.  And definitely not fondant. I liked them and I thi

Nice Roni Cups At Prince Street Pizza

I think I've disclosed here on the blog about how my favorite Instagram handle is @ronicups .  As in Pepperoni Cups.  They curate and post photos of pizza that features cup-and-char pepperoni.  Or "Grease Chalices" as Adam Kuban calls them.  I've written about Kuban before here on the blog . He coined the term back in 2005 .  But Cup and Char Pepperoni has only become quite vogue in the past few years and I just covered the concept here on the blog back in November when I bought some online . Where I think I would point to as the 'touchstone' #ronicup pizza is the square from a place called Prince Street Pizza as it became "pizza famous" because of the photos of what they call the "Spicy Spring" that were showing up on Instagram.  Just look at the @ronicups handle and you'll see many pics of the square. So, imagine my delight when I found an hour in the late afternoon on a recent trip to the Edelman office in SoHo where I cou

View From My Office (Visiting NYC Office)

One early morning recently, I was the first one into the office in New York and stopped to admire the view looking west over the Hudson to New Jersey.  The city was barely stirring and the heat had yet to really hit the day.  I'm calling this a [ View from my Office ] despite the 'just visiting' nature of said view.  Add this to the view looking south from the same floor almost a year ago  and you can start to get a composite.  Now, I need east and north and we'll be able to stitch together a sort-of 360.

I am a city child - Eloise at The Plaza

On a recent trip to NYC, I ended up spending some time in Midtown.  And found myself close to The Plaza Hotel.  I, of course, couldn't help myself and went to find the Eloise painting that is adjacent to the Palm Court.  You can see that above.  I didn't stop for tea in the Palm Court, but did wander down to the lower level and perused the Eloise store - the sign you can see below. I'm more of an Eloise guy versus a Home Alone 2 guy when it comes to the Plaza.  But, the folks running the hotel sure give Home Alone 2 a little bit of billing, but not nearly as much as the Eloise story.  Who knows...maybe one day, we'll be like Charlie Sheen .  But without the trashing of the room.  And the tiger blood.  And the whole #winning thing?  So, maybe nothing like Charlie Sheen.  Rather...(or Rawther as Eloise would say) more like just a guy who stays at the Plaza in the Eloise suite.  Bucket list stuff, right? Think this might be my fourth 'historic hotel' that

The Arlo - Added to the Coaster Collection

The last time that I added a coaster to the [ Coaster Collection ] here on the blog was back in December of last year when I added #22 - The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas .  Right before that was #21 - The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs .  The coaster you see above is also from a hotel, making the streak 3 straight of hotel-related coasters.  This one is from the Arlo SoHo in NYC .  The Arlo is right directly across the street from our office, so it is super convenient, but man-o-man...the rooms are small.  I think they call them 'micro rooms', actually.  The coasters, however, are normal size. 

The Dutch - Coaster Collection

This is the 19th piece added to the official Coaster Collection here on the blog.  Is 'added' the right term?  Curated?  Included?  I'm not sure, but as the official head of curation, I'm just going to go with 'added'.  The coaster you see above comes from a place called The Dutch downtown in SoHo, NYC.  We went there for a few after work beers and a giant seafood tower.  Full coaster collection posts can be found here . 

Quick Visit to NYC - SoHo

Just like my recent trip to the Bay Area , I spent all of about 24 hours in New York recently.  The entirety of it between Newark Airport and offices and a hotel in SoHo.  That photo above, is the view I had for an afternoon, which was pretty nice.  Back when I was working at Google and would occasionally travel to NYC, I never got below 15th Street, so this is a whole new territory for me being Downtown and all.  How cosmopolitan, eh?!?!

2 Headed Dogs? That'll Make the 'kids' Watch!

MTV2 apparently has a new logo . Not to sure what to think.... What on Earth is the two-headed dog?  It's the new logo for MTV2 and the creature behind MTV's viral-marketing campaign to create all-important buzz for MTV2's new look and programming. Yesterday, MTV plastered its headquarters in Times Square with the two-headed dog profile.  And for the past three weeks at New York's coolest concerts, rock-loving hipsters have been bombarded with T-shirts, hats and hoodies emblazoned with the silhouette of a two-headed dog. Hmmm....they're going to preview the 'new' MTV2 at halftime of the Superbowl on Sunday. (check out the's pretty crazy) I don't get MTV2, I don't think...but I did just get my tv all set up. My dad came over and assembled the stand and helped me lift the thing up onto it. Some rearranging of furniture happened too. I'll post some pics later tonight. Needless to record collection does not hav


All right...I am working on getting credentialed for the GOP Convention in NYC. How cool would that be. I have been putting the heat on some of the folks around the office about the credentials and about a new powerbook... As David Dring says, "Keep asking until someone says 'no'."