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Mattel Toy Store In Wilmot

We stumbled upon this Mattel Toy Store up in Wilmot Wisconsin after we had a little lunch and checked out Wilmot Ski resort on a weekend trip recently.  It was closed, so we couldn't go in, but we put our noses up to the glass to check things out.  There's a big building attached to this place that has a big "American Girl" sign on it, so I'm thinking we'll have to check this place out.   Their Headquarters is in Middleton up by Madison , so this facility isn't the 'big show', but the girls still love those dollies and the sign on the building made them light up just seeing it. Looking out on the Web, it looks like in late Spring/Early Summer, they have a 'doll sale' , which might be interesting, right?  But, the weird part is that it appears that you have to have a membership to shop at the store ?  Membership is free, but it requires you to fill out this form .