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Two Young Trees In Deep Snow Piles - In Between Two Driveways - February 2022

I posted about this same situation last year (a little later into February) where I talked about how, due to the somewhat narrow strip of land between driveways, the snow tends to pile up pretty deep .  First up is the Red Fox Katsura tree that you can barely make out.  It is a narrow, thin trunk.  I planted this when I thought that our flowering pear tree was failing.  Now, they're close together and we're going to have to make a choice.  I know (already) which way I'm leaning. Next up is the Bald Cypress tree that experienced a ton of growth this past year.   This tree was once as skinny and thin as the Katsura, but has bulked up and now is clear to make out in the photo.   The snow for the Bald Cypress is about four inches or so BELOW the bottom branches.  Looks similar to last year .  These big piles of snow certainly help provide a D E E P watering once we start to see melting.  That will be a good thing.  I also have to start thinking in more detail about what I nee

Winter Grass Damage From Snow Removal - Winter 2019

We had a weird Fall this year - with some warm temperatures then cold temperatures then back to warm.  And then there was the early November snow event that came when many of the trees in our neighborhood still had almost all of their leaves on the limbs.  That caused a bunch of snow damage including taking down a good-sized major limb from one of the big Oak trees in our backyard .  When I say 'good-size', I'm talking about 40+ years old.  Check out the photos in the post to see the growth rings . But that tree damage was just one part of the lasting impact on the yard.  The other you can see in this photo above.  When the snow arrived, I did like I do pretty often:  created a little path out back for Lizzie.  If I don't make her a little path, she doesn't get out in the yard to do her business very easily.  Yes...she's a wimp.  Through and through. And...I also normally cut or shovel a path that gets us to our bird feeder so we can fill it in the mornin