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It’s Time for Tom

As I pointed out earlier in the week , Illinois Republicans are at a crossroads. We need to find a strong leader to provide the framework upon which we can reset the Republican Party as well as the State of Illinois. I know I'm not the only one that's frustrated with our State. Governor Rod Blagojevich is corrupt, Todd Stroger is inept and the rest of the Chicago Machine is trying to install their children into office against the wishes of everyday voters. The budget is broken. People are loosing their jobs. Nothing is getting fixed. The state is teetering on collapsing. We need a clean break with the past. We need to reform the way government works in Illinois. We need new leaders. I'm convinced that Illinois needs Tom Cross. Right here. Right now. Check out the new site here . I know Tom from seeing him work on issues that he's passionate about. From lower taxes to smaller government to ensuring that our morning commutes are as painfree as can be, Tom h

Illinois Republicans: Where Do We Go From Here?

My fellow Illinois Republicans, Last night, we - as a party - lost 3 seats in the Illinois House, 2 Congressional seats (Hastert, Weller), did not really compete for a US Senate Seat, lost and failed to hold plenty of county-level offices, and now we have a Chicago Democrat in the White House (We wish him well!). This is what's known as rock-bottom. That's a lot of damage to our party- and a lot of votes for "change". Seems to be clear that the Illinois Republican Party need some change of our own. And fast. Right around the corner, we have an election in 2010 that will feature Blagojevich and Crew in the Statewide offices, Todd Stroger up for re-election as the Cook County Board President, 3 Congressional seats we should be competing in, and a slew of Illinois House and Senate seats at play. In order to be in a position to even compete for those races, Illinois Republicans have a lot of preparation ahead of us. We need to make a hard reset of the party. The D