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Garden Edit - Silver Maple Removal - April 2024

A mature gardener can edit their garden.  I'm not there yet, but learning everyday.  And, I've made an edit to the garden that put me out of my comfort zone a little bit:  removing a tree.  The tree in question was one that I didn't plant - it was a volunteer.  A Silver Maple.  I figured out what it was last Fall and posted about Silver Maples - and the paradox of Silver Maples .   I let this grow as a volunteer and then last year it LEPT up.  Big time growth.  That put my antenna up a little bit. Things are NOT supposed to grow that fast.  Then, this past week, I noticed this foliage: Lovely, right?  Lace-like.  Purples and greens.  Almost Japanese-maple-ish.   So, I went online (again) and thought about the Silver Maple.  That foliage was striking.  But, I needed to re-think things.   A quick look around the Web and you'll discover that not only are Silver Maples fast-growing, they also have three primary issues:  weak limbs (come down in a storm), litter (helicopters