Two Lights - Alagash Brewing Company

What's this?  It is a craft beer that combines beer with a little effervescence from sparkling wine.  And Nat discovered it recently and shared a little bit with me earlier this year.  From the Allagash Brewing Company site:
Two Lights is an ode to two of the more refreshing drinks of summer: cold beer and sparkling wine. While brewing this beer, we add sauvignon blanc must—the freshly pressed juice of the grapes. Then we ferment it with both lager and champagne yeast to create a tart, crisp, and dry profile. The finished beer’s aromas of pear, grape, and light hops pair with a flavor profile that’s a mix of tropical fruit and the snappy spritz of a freshly picked grape. We suggest sipping Two Lights by a water source too large to see across.
BeerAdvocate has it at 3.91 out of 5.00, but I think that's beer snobbery at play.  Like many of you, my introduction to Allagash Brewing Co was through their White beer - which BA has at 4.16.

Maybe You Can Tweet About It. That'll Solve Everything...


Amaryllis Update: The Alcohol Worked To Limit The Bulb Height

These photos of our Christmas Amaryllis are a few days old, so let's call it mid-January in terms of the timing of the bloom.  Look at that beauty!  Double blooming variety that is still going strong for us. 

But, this post isn't about the blooms.  It is about the height of the bulb stalk.  I placed a ruler in the pot and you can see in the photo below:  11.5" tall to the top of the bloom.

And, just for record-keeping sake, here's a photo (below) of where I placed the bottom of the ruler:  at the top of the bulb - NOT at soil level.

Amaryllis have a tendency to get long and leggy and with the size of those blooms, from time-to-time, they tip over because the stalk is too lean and long. 

How does one solve that?  By poisoning the bulb.  Seriously. 

I mentioned in my post in December that I'd been giving this bulb an 8% (approximately) blend of vodka and water.  In an attempt to keep the stalk from growing too tall.

And, guess what?  It totally worked!

Compare this…

Honorary Mickey Aviator Sticker from Soarin' - Disney California Adventure

Another day and another post on something we picked up at a Disney Park.  This continues the last few posts about items at Disneyland Resort.  Above is a Mickey Mouse "Honorary Aviator" sticker that they give out in the Soarin' line at Disney's California Adventure.  It is bigger than the normal "Mickey Stickers" that they hand out all over and is the size of the celebration buttons.

This is a little different than the 'job role' stickers like the other WDW-related ones we've picked up including a Honorary Custodian or WDW Monorail Pilot.  It is ride-related and includes Mickey, so not sure where exactly to put it. 

But, that doesn't matter.  Get it next time you ride Soarin' in DCA.

Full list of items that are free from Disney Parks:
This "Honorary Aviator" Mickey the Mouse sticker (that's the size of a button) from the Soarin' queue.  A cute set of Lightning McQueen and Stanley Disney California Adventure buttons.  You…

Lightning McQueen And Stanley Buttons - Disney's California Adventure and Carsland

Everyone always talks about how much Disney park visits cost.  And they do, indeed, cost quite a bit.  But, there's value all around if you look for it.  Most of the time, that value comes from spending quality time with your family.  Some other times, that value comes from the little things that you can pick up/get/do around the parks.

I've written about these various 'freebies' around the parks here on the blog.  Full list is below.  Today, is the second day in a row posting about one of these things and they're both transportation-related.  These in the photo at the top are from Disney's California Adventure and are available at Radiator Springs Racers in Carsland.  If you ask the cast member, you can choose between Lightning McQueen and Stanley.  With three kids, we were able to get both!

The kids wore these (the boy on his hat, the girls on their lanyards) all day.  Disneyland Resort does NOT do pin trading like they do at Walt Disney World (it is hard to…

Autopia Official Driver License: Now Licensed On Both Coasts At Both Parks

I've written about 'freebies at Walt Disney World' over the years on the blog.  There's the business card that we got from the Mayor of Main Street USAHe's dead now, so I don't think they're doing this any longer.  There's also an official 'guest skipper' license from the Jungle Cruise Skippers.  And a card from Soarin' that is labeled "Born to Soar" that allows little ones to 'fly' the ride as soon as they hit the height.   There are also plenty of character stickers from various cast members and DVC kiosks like Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse.  And you can get a Celebration Pin everyday or special pins on other days like Mickey Mouse's birthday or a special pin if you participate in the Star Wars Jedi Training.  If you look hard enough, you can also find 'job role' stickers like Honorary Custodian or WDW Monorail Pilot.  And there's, of course, transportation cards.

Another one those is the Tomorrowland …

Christmas Haul - C-Life Smart Bulbs With Google Home

I've chronicled my experience with LIFX bulbs before here on the blog.  Here's my post from February of last year showing the bulb and how we were using it.  The LIFX bulbs are great.  They have tons of different colors, plenty of scheduling, integration with Nest and Google Home.  But they're pricey.  Still.  After being on the market for a number of years, they're still about $49.00 per bulb.

These GE C-Life bulbs are cheaper.  Much cheaper.  If you can find them on sale, you can get a pair of them for $15.  $7.50 per bulb is very affordable. 

But with that lower cost comes some trade-offs.   First, there's no color.  They're just normal light bulbs.  Second, it appears that they're running off bluetooth, so they have to be *close* to a Google Home.  Welp, for us, that's not a problem, because we have these Google Homes, Google Home Minis and Google Home what-have-yous in various places around our house.

Here's the bulb below.  Looks like a mostl…