MTH Burlington Line Reefer - Added to Mantleburg Line

For my birthday earlier this year, I was given this MTH Burlington Line Steel-sided Reefer Car.  It is marked "Way of the Zephyrs" and has the vintage "Burlington Line" rectangular logo on the side.  Those of you who read the blog and follow along with the Mantleburg line model train posts (ummm...there can't be *that* many of you, right???) might be confused about this box and the mention of MTH.  This isn't a Lionel train, but is from the competing challenger brand:  Mike's Train House or MTH for short. 

This is the third (I think) MTH train car that we have on the Mantleburg line.  The first one was a caboose and the other one is a Santa/Snowman handcar. 

This Burlington line car is kinda neat because everyday now I ride the BNSF line on the Metra. 

Tigger Pin - Traded For And Acquired in 2018

Another post about a pin that I found in my office closet is up for today.  And the reason for posting this one, like the Easter Egg Star Wars ones is because this pin is part of a set that I've already posted about.  Tigger, here, on a circle is a part of the set that includes this Pooh Bear pin that I posted in April of this year.  This one, was certainly, traded-for by the Bird - our Pooh Bear SuperFan. 

This is the fourth Pooh Bear-related Disney pin that I've posted on the blog over the years.  The other three are:

Most recently was this circle Winnie the Pooh outline oneA safety pin Pooh Bear oneThis cross-stitch Winnie the Pooh one that is part of a set of four

It Be Gold I'm After - Goofy Disney Pin

About a week ago, I posted a couple of recently unearthed Disney pins that I found when I was cleaning out my office closet.  Here's another one that I'm posting mostly because based on the edges and back imprint, this is almost certainly NOT a scrapper. 

Featuring Pirate Goofy and a line from the ride Pirates of the Caribbean, this one too is going up on the pin board in the garage.

Lionel 6-9852 Miller High Life Billboard Reefer Boxcar - Mantleburg Line

Just yesterday, I posted a couple of photos of a boxcar that I picked up over the years at the annual Christmas Train Show in Wheaton.  It was from Hamm's Beer.  Today is another beer-related boxcar: one from Miller High Life.  It features the classic tagline: "The Champagne of Beers" and was made two years earlier than the Hamm's one - in 1973. 

Similarly to the Hamm's car, this Lionel O Gauge 6-9852 billboard reefer car comes in the 1970's era Lionel Trains box and has the printed label on the side.   This Miller High Life one also has an orange price sticker that the price scratched out but says "Sporting Goods".  Not sure if that was the name of the store or the section of the store.  Either way....kinda strange. 

I have a draw to vintage beer-related Lionel stuff.  In addition to these two (The Hamm's one and *this* Miller High Life one), I also run a Schlitz boxcar that I'll have to capture in a photo and post.  I also have this vinta…

Lionel Hamm's Billboard Reefer 6-9862

We were setting up the kids Christmas Train (the Mantleburg Line) in the basement and I came across a some rolling stock that I've picked up the past few years, but have not been run on the line due to the lack of operations.  Mostly because of our up-ended Christmas (moving between Elmhurst and Naperville) the past few years, the Mantleburg Line hasn't run, but this year, we picked up the foam boards from my parents house and I set up the train with the kids.

There were a couple of beer-related boxcars that are still packaged up in plastic that I think I bought at the annual Christmas Train Show out in Wheaton one of the previous Winters.

This one is from Hamm's and is called a "Billboard Reefer".  Lionel 6-9862.

If you look closely at the photo at the top of this post, you'll see that it has a 1975 built date and is in this box that is of that era.  Those of you who know Lionel Trains Corporate history may know that in 1975, Lionel Trains were owned by Gen…

TommyKnocker Brewery - Coaster Collection #33

Here's another 'vintage' coaster that I've added to the online [coaster collection] here on the blog.  This one comes just a week or so after the Contemporary Resort one that I found in my office closet when I was cleaning things out.  This one is from a brewery in Colorado (Idaho Springs, to be precise) that we went to more than five years ago. 

This is also the second 'vintage' coaster - along with the Half Acre one - that I've added in recent months from breweries. 

I have a vague memories of being at this brewery, but I'm not exactly sure why this coaster came home with me and why it went into storage in my closet for all these years.  But, now that is memorialized into the collection here online, it will get used on my home office desk for a bit, then tossed.

Our Green Room Christmas Tree - 2018

We have a room in our #newoldfarmhouse that goes by a bunch of names:  the front room, library, green room, quiet room.  It is your normal formal(ish) living room.  But...Whatever we call it, it also is home to our more 'formal' Christmas tree.  And is a nice little tree to experience.

I posted a photo of our Family Room tree yesterday.  That tree is big, gangly, colorful and full of ornaments of various shape and kind. 

This tree?  It is understated.  Short (like seven feet tall), white lights, nicely-shaped and has all of our vintage Christmas ornaments on it.  It fits perfectly into our Green Room. 

Like last year, it is a Fraser Fir and glows from the front window

I've posted about our Christmas trees since 2010 including yesterday's tree.

Here's our family room tree from this year (2018) that I posted yesterday.
Here's v1 of our 2017 tree - our first in Downers Grove. 
Here's v2 of our 2017 tree - the one in our family room.
Here's our 2016 tree - our…