Vintage Big Mac McDonald's Glass - Added to Cupboards

Unlike the 1986 Marshall Field's Christmas Mug and the vintage Disneyland tray, this Big Mac McDonald's glass from the 1980's ended up coming home with us.  After a quick run through the dishwasher, this Big Mac glass took it's rightful place next to the other vintage glasses in my everyday use collection including these Muppets McDonald's glasses, this Snoopy one, this Chipettes one, and this White Sox 'Winning Ugly' glass.  
They're all things that I remember in from my childhood and are all bought for less than a buck a piece.  If you're about my age, you totally remember these, right? 
This Big Mac one is from a set of five featuring: Mayor McCheese, Hamburgler, Ronald, Big Mac himself, Captain Crook (who's he??) and Grimace.  

Of course, I'll be trying to complete the set.

Disney Pin Board #2 Hung in Garage

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the first Disney Pin Board that I hung in the garage.  Today, you can see the larger pin board that I hung above it in vertical orientation.  This one is about 2.5x the size of the original board and can hold A LOT of pins.  Two weeks ago, I picked up a couple of these large-scale cork boards at a garage sale for $0.50 a piece.  And they threw in another smaller one that I might or might not use (depends on how far we get with our current volume of pins). 

I decided to put this one *above* the first pin board mostly because it is out of reach of the kids.  I contemplated putting it right next to the first, full board, but because of where our stairs are located, that would have put this second board right within reach of the kids. 

The downside is that I hung this with screws.  I learned from hanging the first one that once full of pins, these boards get really heavy.  And that means that there's no way of hanging these things that will work - except…

Disney Pin Board 1: Hung in the Garage

After years of collecting, trading and buying Disney pins, it felt like finally time to begin to take them out of their various Ziplock bags and boxes and put them out in a place that we can enjoy them.  What you see above is the first Disney Pin Board that holds a variety of pins that the kids and I have collected over the years.  This board came from a garage sale and if you look closely, you can get a sense for where our collection is *going*.  Hint...look up.  More on that in a different post.

If you care to investigate, you can click here to see the Google Photos version of this photo.  There, you can zoom all the way in and figure out what is what.  Try to find the "Pooh Bear Collection"!?!

Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Vintage Backscratcher

One last item from our recent Antique Mall visit and this one, too, is Disney-related.  Unlike both the Disco record and the Disneyland tray, this WDW Mickey Mouse backscratcher was something that I couldn't live without.

I never knew how much I had to scratch my back until this thing came into my life.  They're a dime a dozen (or more like $10 to $12) on Ebay, but this one was just a couple of bucks.  Thus, it came home with us.

But, the other part of this that I was drawn to was what you see below:  The Globe Mickey.

If you turn the backscratcher sideways, you'll see that there's a "Walt Disney Productions" printed on the backscratcher, which helps date it1.

There's a hole on one end of the scratcher which is just screaming out for a nail to be used to hang this thing.  Maybe down in my shop?  Or maybe next to the pinboards in the garage?

Also, it is clear that the Disney bug has struck me when it comes to vintage find hunting, right?  I mean...three o…

Mickey Mouse Disco Vinyl - One That Got Away

Same story as the Disneyland tray from the Wisconsin Antique Mall:  I passed.  But not before picking this thing up, admiring it and giving it quite a bit of thought before, ultimately, putting it down and letting someone else own this.

Remember: It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them.

But, now, back to this record.  Or 'piece of vinyl' if you will.    It was released in 1979.  And charted as high as on the Billboard Pop Charts.

Here's the track listing:

The whole record can be found here on YouTube.  Not so great, if you ask me.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah seems to be the standout.  Here it is:

Or Maybe Chim Chim Cher-ee:

Mitsubishi Regional Jet: MRJ In the USA (Infographic)

In our work in the B2B Practice at Edelman, my team and I get the pleasure of working with clients who are doing amazing things around the globe.  One of them is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, who is bring to market the Mitsubishi Regional Jet.  We're fortunate to be able to partner with them to continue to introduce the jet to the pubic, including at this year's Farnborough Air Show.
Ahead of the show, the MRJ crew in New York, Seattle and Chicago published a new post on their "Progress" content hub chronicling all the pieces of the puzzle that are coming together in the United States with partners, stakeholders and supply chain members.    The map above shows some of the locations, but if you click here, you can go into a region-by-region breakdown.    And you can download the full infographic (as a .pdf) here.  Nice looking stuff from Edelman's Creative Team.
Also recently released is this great video showing off the program and talking about why the MRJ is imp…

Six Cameras/One Intersection in Downers Grove

There I was, minding my own business waiting for the light to turn green when - for some reason - I notice that there are a few cameras at the intersection of Maple and Fairview in Downers Grove.

I then look closer and start counting.  There are six cameras at this one intersection.  This is just a four-way intersection and if I'm being honest, I don't normally look around at the number of cameras, but I have to believe that this seems like a significant number of cameras trained on just one intersection? 

Now, Maple Avenue does run on a diagonal and this *is* just a block or so away from the BNSF line, but other than that, it seems to be an ordinary intersection.  Any ideas? 

I've embedded the map below: