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Cardoon Begins Blooming - July 2024

Over the past few days, our Cardoon (planted IB2DWs in full sun) has begun to bloom.  I posted a pre-bloom photo last week and talked about how I had to fend of aphids and bag worm to get to this point .  The first purple, pointed bloom emerged from the largest artichoke-like bud in the center of the plant.  It started small and soft-to-the-touch.  No smell at all (at least that I could detect).   Below is the first morning of the bloom.   Below is a wider-view of all the buds that will (hopefully) follow the first one: And, below is an even wider-view of the plant - showing how it is planted close to our driveway. The next morning, the initial bloom opened-up wider.  Below are a couple photos showing the second day of the Cardoon flower bloom:

Cardoon About To Bloom - June 2024

After battling a vast aphid invasion on our Cardoon plant (planted IB2DWs last Fall and came back this year), appears ready to burst with a couple of big, spike-y blooms.  I planted it on a whim late, late last year based on seeing this in the Fragrance Garden at the Morton Arboretum and didn't know what to expect.  At the time when I bought it, the sign at The Growing Place called it a "Biennial" - which I think means that it won't bloom the first year - so this is the bloom year.  This piece from the University of Wisconsin talks about how you don't normally see a bloom in cooler climates (like ours), so we might be in for a real treat.   See below for a look at our Cardoon buds/blooms as they grow up/out before they open: I went at the aphids pretty hard with both Neem Oil, our hose with a high-pressure setting (just to try to blow the aphids off) and then, ultimately with a insecticide dust.  I'm hoping the aphids didn't get these to a place where t