My 2007 Birthday Wishlist

My 29th Birthday is around the corner (next month) and Nat asked me this morning to put together a "list" of things I might want. I have to say...It's not exactly the easiest thing to do.

This post might be filed under the "Jake needs an editor" category, as it's totally gratitious and unnecessary, but it's just something that I've been noodling all afternoon. 

If there's something that I want, I usually either go buy it, or I can't afford it. So, what do I put on this "list". Things that I could "use", I guess. It borders on awkward for me to put together a list. What do you guys do?

My list this year included some of the old standbys and some new items.

Here's the list. 

1. A really good hammer.
2. Gold Toe Grey Athletic socks
3. A jumper from Patagonia
4. Armor All auto wipes. 
5. Anything that has Chief Illiniwek on it.


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