A Ghost is Born

A Cherry Ghost, that is... Well, I'm pretty tired. Guess who stayed up until midnight and then walked over to Discount Records on LaGrange Road at midnight to buy "A Ghost is Born" by Wilco this morning.... (***points both thumbs at self***) "This Guy". That's right. My brother-in-law Marc (not Camp) gave me a copy of it a few months ago. I have discussions with Marc about basically four things. Music, Sports, Religion, and Howard Stern. Good stuff, right? But he knows my 'anti-rip' stance on MP3's and internet downloads... I am against them because I think you loose so much of the work of art. That concept of the 'album' is starting to get lost. I'm a wax guy, but that's beside the point. Even when we had casettes, there were some choices. "What leads off the second side?" "What ends the first?" Those questions are enough, but there's even more. Album art. Enough said. When you burn a copy you don&

New Direction

I have some interesting news for everyone out there. Recently, I've been approached by some of the leading government figures to help assist in their web presence. After some deliberation and talking with Tom Cross and a few others, I've decided to participate. My participation will be limited as I'm just consulting, but I'm looking foward to getting something off the ground. Having worked on Illinois Scoop for a while and been involved in blogs in Illinois, I've agreed to take on  IowaScoop and lead the dialogue for Governor Rod Blagojevich in the early state of Iowa. I know you guys are saying 2 things: 1. he's going to lose in November, so why is he concerned about running for president? and 2. Why Rod? Why a democrat. Good questions. If there's a chance to do something as cool as this for a presidential candidate--any presidential candidate, I have to jump at it. Sure...Rod might not win. But with $15M in the bank, I know I won't have to worry

No More Riverdance Celebration?

The NFL voted to change their rules recently that limit the endzone celebrations that have been ramping up in the past few years.  Some folks think it's a great idea to curb this behavior because kids are starting to emulate these guys and have begun dancing and other things: Kids imitated Johnson after scoring touchdowns in sandlot football games. Years later, those kids' kids imitated the "Ickey Shuffle," created by Cincinnati Bengals fullback Ickey Woods, who shuffled all the way to the Super Bowl. And there was the California Quake by the Dallas Cowboys' Butch Johnson, before coach Tom Landry banned his players from celebrating scores.  Oh...the horrors! Kids are celebrating?  This is a stupid change and I think they've made a mistake.  These guys are entertainers and they should entertain us. (as a side note, I always enjoy the guys who just toss the ball to the referee and trot off to the sideline...) As a result of this new rule change, we

Blawgers Getting Their Due

In today's Denver Post, Greg Griffin covers the topic of 'blawgs' and their growth among laywers. For many lawyers, blogs are a natural way to stay abreast of an ever-changing legal landscape - and to set themselves apart as experts in their domain. Increasingly, law firms see blogs as a key marketing tool that's far more dynamic than the traditional website and newsletter. Attorneys are grabbing ahold of the medium and pusing their profession forward with their use of blogging. (as a side note, I pitched Cross' law firm  on the notion of publishing a blog called "Trust me I'm a Lawyer", but George and Dave didn't bite...) At FeedBurner, we have a good share of some of the best 'blawgs' on the web coursing through our service. Check out Dennis Kennedy's blog , Denise Howell , Stephen Nipper , Between Lawyers , Ernie the Attorney , ABA's webmaster Fred Faulkner and FeedBurner's very own Rick Klau for some over the very b

RSS, a lot of discussion about that

Don just posted this , but it's worth mentioning here. Bill Gates gave the keynote at MIX06 and dedicated a great deal of his time to RSS. RSS, a lot of discussion about that. We’ve seen it do a number of things that we’ve put out as industry standards for people to adopt around RSS. We think it’s very, very important. We’ve got the simple list extensions that make feeds better particularly for structured data. We think the amount of RSS going on is going to skyrocket. It’s already very significant. It will move up to new levels. And making it easy for you to manage those feeds so that they show up in the appropriate place, and some of the same mechanisms that we’ve thought about with things like e-mail rules can be applied here so that even when your information comes in it’s coming to exactly the place that you’re interested in seeing it. We’re going beyond just a textual-type notification where people will have photos and the podcasts themselves. I've been attuned to

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Ah, Kansas City coming to get my baby back home yeah, yeah I'm gonna Kansas city coming to get my baby back home yeah, yeah Well, it's a long, long, time since my baby's been gone  Ah, Kansas City coming to get my baby on time yeah, yeah I'm gonna Kansas City coming to get my baby on time yeah, yeah It's just a one, two, three, four five, six, seven, eight, nine, wah Back at it Monday with all sortsa details about this , this , and this . Ok....maybe we won't talk about the pool lounger....

Kicking Television

In the most recent edition of Paste Magazine , Wilco Frontman Jeff Tweedy talks about 'listening': I would love for more people to listen to music as a sole activity. I think it’s a really transformative way that that art form can touch you. Aside from live music, which I think is really important to being human-to be a part of a crowd experiencing music-recorded music is like literature when you allow yourself to sit and listen. I mean, you know. That’s all you did when you were growing up; that’s all you needed to do. You found friends that could sit and be quiet and not f-in’ ruin it; those were your friends, you know? If somebody couldn’t do that, you couldn’t hang out with them. I don’t care how cool they were; they were not cool. And...for all you lefties (like Nat), read his last quote. Snob that he is, he doesn't watch much tv, except for the Daily Show.