Garage Framing Underway

Wednesday and Thursday were spent clearing and prepping the site of our garage and driveway/slab, but Friday was for actual construction:  framing of the foundations.

They put together the woodwork quickly, then dug some-more and filled in with wire, plastic and plenty of stone.  The plastic is a vapor barrier.  
The garage takes up 3/4 of the width of our yard.  Makes me nervous to see our yard shrink so much.  We're also putting in a "driveway".  I put "driveway" in quotes because it isn't a typical driveway that leads to our garage.  Instead, we've put our garage backwards to face our alley and our driveway starts at the street and goes for 35 feet and stops.  It is more of a "parking pad" than driveway, but we're still calling it a driveway.  It was previously made of some pretty ratty asphalt and was mostly broken up into little pieces.  We're pouring concrete at the same time of the garage.  We've also made it 2 feet wider - so we'll be able to get out of our cars and not land on the grass!  (that's it below)
The city building inspector is set to turn up in the morning (Monday) to conduct the "pre-pour" inspection on the footings and grade.  Once that is approved, we'll have the concrete trucks here to pour. If the weather holds up, our slabs will be done tomorrow afternoon.  Makes me VERY excited!


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