25 Best Pizzas in Chicago

Recently, Chicago Magazine came out with their list of the "25 Best Pizzas in Chicago" which included a few places I had never heard of - and I eat a lot of pizzas.  Both Nat and I went through the list and thought it might be fun to try to get to each of these places and give them a try.  Maybe NOT eat the pizzas specified, but check out the pizza (of some sort) none the less.  We've given ourselves 18 months to hit 23 places.  23?  Yeah....I'm scrubbing Lou's  and Gino's off the list - just because we have them so often.  (I probably should do the same with Aurelio's - the pizza I grew up on - but I won't because I haven't had it for months...and it is delicious!)

Here's the list (cribbed directly from Grub Street's post on the topic).  Most of these will give us a good reason to secure a baby sitter and make our way into the city.   By next summer, I'll (hopefully) have my oven done (on the right) and be making world-class pies that make a future list.

1. Great Lake - Cremini Mushrooms, Dante Cheese
2. Piece - Plain with Artichoke Hearts
3. Castel Gandolfo - Margherita CLOSED!

4. Crust - Flammkuchen
5. Coalfire - Margherita
6. Lou Malnati's - Deep-Dish with Sausage
7. Santullo's Eatery - Pepperoni
8. Burt's Place - Pan with Sausage
9. Art of Pizza - Stuffed with Sausage
10. Pequod's - Pan with Sausage
11. Union Pizzeria - Lam Sausage, Eggplant, Kalamata Olives
12. Macello - Bianca
13. Pizano's - Thin with Sausage
14. Coco Pazzo - Coppa
15. Spacca Napoli - Margherita
16. Apart Pizza Company - Apart Signature pie
17. Nella Pizzeria Napoletana - Margherita
18. Gino's East - Deep-Dish with Sausage Patty
19. Gruppo Di Amici - Funghi e Formaggi
20. Louisa's - Cheese
21. Frasca - Margherita
22. Gigio's - Thin with Sausage
23. Paula and Monica's - Thin with Sausage
24. Parkers' Restaurant and Bar - Margherita
25. Aurelio's - Thin with Black Olives


  1. Two cents from someone who eats a lot of pizza in the city:

    Piece=Like Sbarro, but more expensive. Their pizza is good for the novelty of putting things like mashed potato and banana peppers on your pie. It's a fun location, though, good for groups. They also have a dessert pizza (chocolate) that’s pretty popular.

    Art of Pizza=Don't waste your time, or $$. Bleh.

    Pequod's=How have you not had this? Highly recommend.

    Spacca Napoli=Delicious, but pricey. They sometimes do promotions like 15% off on FB & their web site, though, so check first.

  2. I've been to Pequods (and others on the list), we just want to see if we can get them all done in 18 months.


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