Cleveland Pear Front Yard Tree 2011 - Springtime

Just like last year, our little $5 Wal-Mart tree is the "little tree that could".  You can read the post about how and why we bought $5 trees from Wal-Mart here, but this *should* be the year that they begin to payoff for the landscape.  We're in the "Leap" year of the Sleep, Creep, Leap cycle and based on the blooms of this Cleveland Pear, we're on track.  The tree gets these really pretty pink bouquets of blooms on each of the tips which open up to little flowers shortly after.
The difference in just one year of the maturity of the tree is pretty striking.  Last year, the blooms were tiny, sparse, and mostly close to the trunk.  Now, the tips are alive with blooms everywhere.  The tree is still pretty small by most folks standards, but I'm thrilled with how it is filling out and up.  Here's a (blurry!) shot to give some perspective on how it is faring.
What happens in year four?  Does the Sleep, Creep, Leap cycle start over again?


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