Meeder Industries Elmhurst - Renovation

Just north of the train tracks on the west side of York Street, there's a storefront for a contractor/builder named Meeder Industries.  They have had a sort of mock kitchen - with cabinets - set up in their storefront for as long as we've lived in town.  Seemed like nice stuff and I've seen their sign in a few yards around town on jobs they were doing.

They've recently begun to renovate/remodel their storefront (or as they call it a 'showroom' and have a cute marketing campaign out front that really calls some attention to them:  they've put up big bright signage and placed a construction marker and yellow caution tape out front.  Or, at least, I think it is a marketing move because there really is no apparent danger/need to avoid the area.

Pretty clever and I'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store.  For the Emhurst City Centre to succeed, we need a healthy mix of retail, restaurant, governmental and office/service uses.    Hopefully the renovation will provide Meeder a long-term home on York.


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