Jessica Rabbit And Mickey Mouse Disney Shield Pins

These two pins - that are sitting on my desk - are part of the 2013 Hidden Mickey Patriotic Characters Pin set and I think have been sorted by The Babe into the 'keepers' pile of sorts.

Since we're out of our house, we haven't quite figured out what to do with the pins that the girls have come home with on trips.  I'm also sitting on a big bag of scrappers from our previous trip that we didn't circulate that we need to do something with soon.

But...back to Jessica Rabbit here on the left.  She's the sultry human wife of Roger Rabbit.  If you do a search for [Jessica+Rabbit] on the PinPics site, you get 1040 different Jessica Rabbit pins.  More than 1000!  From a movie released in 1988?!?

They've really squeezed a lot of juice from that fruit, eh?  There's just way too many nerdy, desperate dudes like me who gobble up the Jessica Rabbit pins to make Disney shut off the faucet?  Gasp!  Did I just write that I have more than one Jessica Rabbit Disney pin in our collection?  For shame.


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