Elmhurst Craft Kitchen and Bar Coming Soon?

From the Facebook page of 3rd Ward Alderperson Dannee Polomsky comes this nice little nugget:  someone is applying for a liquor license for the old Cocomera location on York Street.

I covered Cocomera's closing back in September of 2015 here on the blog.  Most recently, this holiday season, the space was used as a pop-up shop for the Elmhurst Art Museum.

Here's the post from Elmhurst Alderman Dannee Polomsky:  (click it to make it bigger if you can't read this!)
A quick Google search for [Elmhurst Craft Kitchen and Bar] turns up nothing new, so they haven't put up a site yet. This seems like great news for the City Centre and for the Downtown. Here's hoping that they'll be brewing their own, right?

(UPDATE on 2/3/16:  I heard from someone that the the name "Elmhurst Craft Kitchen and Bar" might just be a placeholder and that they haven't quite settled on a name yet.  It *may* change.  Might not.  Also...heard from the same source that they're being quite thoughtful in their approach to the food/bev as well as staffing.  All good news for the Elmhurst City Centre!)

It is a pretty good size space, but isn't equipped with a kitchen (that I know of), so it might be a lengthy build-out.  Would love to see them put in some new front windows that open up during the summer.  That'd be some solid people-watching on York Street right across from the York Theatre.

Also...isn't technology wonderful?  In terms of being a constituent, platforms like Facebook make it really easy for communication between elected officials and us - the citizens.  Alderman Polomsky has done a really great job of being open and communicating with the residents of the 3rd Ward.  She should be commended for not just communicating, but also listening and representing our interests.  


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