Wall Calendars Turned Over to October - 2016

This month's wall calendars feature Toy Story 3 on the left in the Pixar calendar and the one and only Memorial Stadium on the right in the University of Illinois wall calendar.  October is - maybe - the best time on campus, so I love seeing the football team featured in the month.

Last year, I turned the calendars over on the 8th of October, so that means I've gained another four days in the annual contest.  At the end of September, I was up -21 days.  So, this thing might just be over before December even starts.

For those keeping track like I am (Which, we all know is nobody!):
  • January took 8 days to put up the calendar. I don't think I was tracking January last year. So let's call it a wash. (+0 Days)
  • February took 16 days to put up the calendar. In 2015, I turned it over on the 17th. (-1 Days better)
  • March took 8 days this year. In 2015, I turned them on the 10th. Posted on the 11th. So...that makes it -2 days better.
  • April took just 7 days. I didn't post last April. So..no new net days.
  • May took 12 days. Net + 5 days over last year. Wowsa. 
  • June took 6 days. Net +5 days over last year. Another Wowsa. 
  • July took 8 days. Net -14 days over last year. Huge swing. Leaving a -7 day advantage over last year.
  • August took just 2 days. Net of -8 days just for the month. Putting me at -15 days. 
  • September took 7 days to turn, but 12 days to post. That's a -6 margin (well..technically it is a -11 day margin, but we're going with post date now). 
  • October took just 4 days.  That's -4 better than last year.  
Added up, that's -25 days better than last year. With just 2 months to go in the year.  Looking ahead to November, I turned it on the 8th of 2015, so we'll have to keep a watch on the day to see how much - if any - of the 25 day lead goes away.


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